Tuition discounts

Satbayev University provides discounts to students for training in certain categories of students: socially vulnerable students, honor students, masters of sports. Alongside, SU financially encourages the winners of international Olympiads and competitions. Discounts are provided in accordance with Regulations on educational services and financial incentives (encouragement) of students in social and other categories:

  1. Orphans;
  2. Disabled students (or both parents are disabled);
  3. Large family (children under the age of 18);
  4. Children from single-parent families and other socially vulnerable segments of the population (GPA not less than 2.5).
  5. Excellent students (GPA not less than 3.0) (2-5 course);
  6. Athletes with the sports category of RK Master of Sports;
  7. Master of Sports of RK international class.

If you have any questions, please contact Social Work Department

Work phone: 320 40 75
Mobile phone: 87785305314 - Ibragimova Zhanat Talgatovna

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