Practice of R&ETA students

Saiman Corporation LLP is a leading enterprise in the domestic instrument industry with a full cycle of production of measuring devices for electricity metering. The SAIMAN instrument-making plant is geographically located in Almaty. He is well known in the republic and in the CIS countries as a leading manufacturer and supplier of his own products – a wide range of electronic electric meters, current transformers, electricity metering cabinets for indoor and outdoor installations, LED products, automated commercial electricity metering system (ACEMS), automated outdoor lighting control system (AOLCS).


The MedRemZavod Holding Group of Companies is a domestic manufacturer uniting three enterprises of the QMS member: MedAspapOptika LLP, KazMedAspap LLP, Medremzavod LLP, which have been producing a wide range of medical equipment since 1999.


MEDSERVICE B LLP was established by graduates of our department in 2015, the main activity of which is the repair and maintenance of irradiating, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment.


The Shin-Line Group of Companies, founded in 1995 as a small family-owned ice cream company, is now the largest producer of this product in Central Asia and the first exporter of Kazakhstani ice cream to foreign markets.


OMIX Company is one of the components in the field of educational robotics in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company is engaged in the sale of innovative technologies and everything related to robotics


ZymranKZ LLP was established in 2005, the main activity is the contract production of electrical equipment of direct current up to ~110V. The company is also engaged in scientific and technical research in the field of cybernetics and computer technology

How is the students' practice going:

The purpose of the training practice is to strengthen and deepen the theoretical training of the student, acquire practical skills and competencies, form and develop professional skills, as well as experience in independent professional activity in the chosen field of training.

Industrial practice is a mandatory section of the basic educational program and represents a type of industrial activity focused on the professional and practical training of students in order to acquire practical work skills and consolidate the knowledge gained in the process of theoretical training.

The bases of practice are enterprises and companies associated with universities by agreements on the provision of conditions for the implementation of the internship program, having appropriate conditions, software and, of course, specialists who can teach students how to apply theoretical knowledge gained in the learning process in practice.

Demand for our specialists

1. Specialists in the field of robotics and mechatronics, having unique knowledge and skills in mechanics, electronics and programming, as well as the skills of operating modern equipment, will be in demand at various production enterprises, in research and production organizations, in space, oil and gas, mining, as well as in medical institutions, large foreign and domestic companies.

2. Specialists in the field of biomedical engineering, having unique knowledge and skills in mechanics, electronics and programming, as well as the skills of operating modern medical equipment, will be in demand at various practical health care institutions, organizations that develop and manufacture medical equipment, scientific laboratories, institutes, clinics and medical centers, enterprises engaged in the sale and service of medical equipment. techniques.

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