Corporate Development Department

Corporate Development Department organizational and methodical management, coordination and control of all departments activity on the quality management system matters; procedures of licensing and accreditation of the University and educational programs; support of licensing procedures, state attestation and accreditation of the University and educational programs; organization ofimplementation control of education and science development state program of Kazakhstan for the years 2016-2019 performance/target indicators by structural subdivisions of the University. Strategic and operation plan of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan; KazNRTU Strategy and Program development formulation management; the establishment and development of strategic partnerships with educational and other institutions, international organizations, industrial enterprises for the specialties development and training quality and scientific, innovative activity improvement; organization of Directors Board meetings preparation.


Рurpose: The Corporate Development Department makes a contribution to sustainable institutional development of KazNRTU on the basis of perspective development parameters production, including the quality management system and compliance of educational programs and efficiency of scientific research with the accreditation, licensing and certification requirements that the Corporation is in the format of the holding as a whole and its individual structure must reach in the med-term perspective.


Functions tasks:

  • Improvement of the specialists training and scientific research efficiency indicators quality through continuous improvement of the quality management system, procedures of licensing and accreditation of the University and education programs, certification (authentic assessment) of products of research and development;
  • Analysis and monitoring of corporate activities and management development processes, strategic directions of the University development identification proposals preparation in accordance with the education and science development state policy priorities;
  • Extension of strategic cooperation with national and multinational organizations, universities, research institutes and industry, development, support and development of corporate and asset management system in the NAO KazNRTU.
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