The program “Rouhani zhangyru” - a look into the future

«I am convinced that the large-scale transformations we have begun must be accompanied by a priority modernization of the public consciousness. It will not only complement political and economic modernization; it will be their core​».

(N.A. Nazarbayev, «A look into the future: modernization of public consciousness»)


The program “Rouhani Zhangyru” was developed on the basis of the provisions of the Head of State’s article “A look into the future: modernization of public consciousness”, which was published on April 12, 2017. It marked the main goal of the nation for a new historical period: to preserve and enhance spiritual and cultural values, to enter the thirty developed countries of the world. The program provides several projects aimed at achieving these goals.

The project of a phased transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script is intended to give a new impetus to the development of the language and integrate it into the world space, to interest and motivate citizens to master the language. A full transition to the Latin script is planned for the year 2025: from now, all the entire written speech, from publications in the print media to office work, will be in Latin. Before this, a transitional period and adaptation are envisaged, when the population can still use Cyrillic.

The project “100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language” is aimed at transferring knowledge and experience to the younger generation, improving the quality of education, and developing the identity of the nation and the Kazakh language. According to Nursultan Nazarbayev, “for many years our social and humanitarian knowledge has been mothballed in the framework of one teaching and in the framework of one world view.” To fix this, it is proposed to choose hundreds of the best textbooks from those that already exist in the world: on history, political science, sociology, philosophy, psychology, culturology, philology and translate them into Kazakh. The effect of this program is expected within 5-6 years after the books will be available to students - graduates of domestic universities should become more competitive in the international labor market.

The project “100 New Faces of Kazakhstan” will incorporate living stories of Kazakhstanis from different parts of the country, of different ages and nationalities, who will serve as a model for compatriots. These hundred and more new faces will become the personification and portrait of modern Kazakhstan.

The project "Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan" is based on cultural memory, symbolic, sacred and cultural and historical things. The objects of this project will become places of attraction for the tourism industry, the head of state’s article provides for such items as the development of sports. The special project “Tugan Zher” is aimed at the development of a “small homeland”, involvement of citizens in the development of their native land, and also aimed at solving social problems.

The project "Modern Kazakhstan culture in the global world" is aimed at building a systematic work on the popularization of Kazakhstan culture abroad. In this case, the emphasis is on the promotion of modern culture both in form and in content. The launch event was the presentation of the program “Ruhani zhangyru”, which took place from October 17 to 19, 2017 at UNESCO Headquarter in Paris. As part of the presentation, there were held various events that demonstrated various areas of Kazakhstani culture to foreign audiences.

The program “Rouhani Zhangiru”, focused on the revival of the spiritual values ​​of Kazakhstanis, taking into account all the modern risks and challenges of globalization, is designed to increase the competitiveness of Kazakhstan in the world, preserve national identity, popularize the cult of knowledge and openness of citizens' consciousness. These qualities should be the main reference points of the modern Kazakhstani.

In general, the implementation of all areas of modernization is taking into account the needs of society, with the active involvement of the scientific expert community, representatives of civil society, and youth. The program of modernization of public consciousness has allowed to consolidate society, to unite intellectuals, youth, representatives of all segments of the population around the ideas proclaimed by the Head of State.

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