Graduates of the Petroleum engineering Department

Graduates of the Department of Petroleum Engineering are our pride and a model for students:

Ajibaev T.N., General Director of Mhindustry LLP;

Aldamzharov N.N., PhD, Head of the Production Department of Burisma Eurasia LLP;

Amanzharov N.К., General Director of JSC KASP "Aral Parker";

Akhmetov E.N., Director of Aulie-Resources LLP, Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Baykadamov K., President of KazBurGaz JSC;

Baykadamov S., deputy. akimov of Kandahash;

Baymanov G.D., Technical Director of PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources JSC, PhD;

Balgimbayev N.U., Director of SNC-Lavalin International;

Balgimbayev N.U., Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Baspaev I.B., Head of the Main Dispatching Department of NC "KazTransOil";

Bimagambetov T.M., ex-Vice President of JSC NC KazMunayGas;

Esbulatova Z.M., Executive Director of the N.A.Marabaev Munaishi;

Biscaliev Yu.D., Head of the Karachaganak UBR and KRS, Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Vitaliev E.A., Deputy of the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Dadabaev S.K., President of Mugajary JSC;

Dalbaev A.M., Executive Director of KaraTau Consulting LLP;

Dauletov E.K., Regional Director of the CMS;

Dzhamanbayev S.E., Head of the Cattle Department;

Dyuzbaev D.I., Vice-presidents of JSC "Matai";

Yelamanov B.D., Deputy Minister of Oil and Gas Industry of the Kazakh SSR;

Yerezhepov K.J., Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the 1st and 2nd convocations, member of the Committee on International Affairs, Defense and Security;

Yesenzhanov R.K., Director of "Burgylau" LLP, "Zhondeu" LLP, "Cruz" LLP;

Ismailov A.A., Dean of the Faculty of Energy and Oil and Gas Industry, KBTU, PhD, Professor, Academician of MAEN;

Yeshmanov D., Director of the Mangystau Polytechnic College, Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Ivanishchev L.D., Vice-President of ZDP Quartz;

Igelmanov M. M., supervisor of capital repairs at the Joint Venture Kpb. and others;

Izhanov A.B., First Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC National Geological Survey;

Imashev T.K., President of JSC "Zertteu";

Isabekov A.D., Deputy akims of Turkestan;

Kainbayev R., the first President of Ontustikmunaigas JSC;

Karim M.S., Director of Exploration and Production Assets of NC KazMunaiGas JSC;

Kezbaev B., founder and CEO of Kezbi LLP, in 1963-1988 participated in the discovery of the Kalamkas, Karazhanbas, Zhetibai, Komsomolskaya, Koltyk, Elemes, Saztobe, Nysanovskaya deposits;

Koikeldiev K.K., Director of the branch of JSC "Volkovgeologiya" "Exploration expedition No. 23";

Kuatov R.T., Hero of Labor of Kazakhstan, Executive Consultant of the TCO Directorate.

Kulumbetov A., Technical Director of Tethysaralpetroleum LLP;

Kulmanov K.S., Chief Engineer of JSC Mangystaugeology;

Kusainov A., Vice President of KazTransGas;

Kumiskaliev E., Advisor to the oil company "Karazhanbasmunai";

Kyzyluly S., President of Mangystau Geology JSC;

Mendebaev T.N., Chief Researcher at Almas Scientific and Innovation Center LLP, Academician of KazNAEN, AEN (Russia) and MANEB (St. Petersburg), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor;

Muminov N.S., Director of the Kyzylorda branch of Ak Veren;

Murzabekov T., Head of the Department of Aktau University, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Honored Inventor and Innovator of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Associate Professor;

Mukhambetkaliev K., Vice President of KazBurGaz JSC;

Nitaliev Zh.K., Director of the Mangystau Polytechnic College, Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Nogaev S.K., Representative of the Presidential Administration for the Mangystau region;

Nukenov D., Director of the Mangystau Polytechnic College, Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Nukushev A.K., laureate of the USSR Council of Ministers Award;

Nurzhanov A.M., General Director of SBP Kazakhoil-Drilling;

Nurseitov A.A., Head of the Neftegaz Sector of JSC NWF Samuruk-Kazyna;

Otebaev M.S., Technical Director of LLP "Cruz" JSC RD "KazMunayGas", Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of MANEB;

Ratov B.T., Head of the Department of Geophysics and Seismology, K.I.Satpayev KazNITU, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor is an Academician (IAELPS) associated with the UN DPI and a Full Member (RGO);

Sakiev T.B., leading specialist of KMG;

Seitov J.S., Head of the IGiNGD Laboratory Center;

Selifonov E.M., winner of the Lenin Prize, the USSR State Prize and the USSR Council of Ministers Award, Director of the innovative Geological Center;

Smagulov B.A., Director of the Department of JV Kazakhturkmunai LTD, Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Suleimenov N.I., Director of the Department of Social Protection of Almaty;

Sushko S.M., General Director of JSC "Volkovgeolgiya", Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Suyunbayev M.P., Technical Director of the KMS;

Syzdykov A.H., Director of the K.I.Turysov Institute of Geology, Oil and Gas;

Talaspaev K., Vice-President of JSC "Uzenmunai";

Tumashev R.Z., Head of the Department of the KMG Research Institute, Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Tausarov I.R., Director of Su Kozi LLP, Doctor of Technical Sciences;

Umarov B.K., Chairman of the Trade Union bureau "Great Wall";

Usenov K.U., General Director of Kazakhstankaspiyshelf JSC;

Utkelbaev R.U., Director of "Burgylau" LLP;

Khamzin J.B., General Director of the IOC MZHK, "Otyrar";

Khojamberdiev R. A., Technical Director of Souts-Oil LLP;

Shavaliev M.H., Production Director of Prikaspiyburneft - Kazakhstan LLP;

Shaikhymezhdenov Zh.G., Director of the Department of Drilling and Well Overhaul at Kazmunaygas Research Institute, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

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