"Chemical Processes and Industrial Ecology" Department

Sholpan Kubekova

Head of “Chemical Processes and Industrial Ecology” Department (CP&IE)

Sh. Kubekova is a candidate of technical sciences, associate professor. She graduated from Kyzylorda Pedagogical Institute named after Korkyt-ata with honors in chemistry and biology degree.

Sh. Kubekova has been engaged in scientific and pedagogical activities since 1997. Over the years, she participated in scientific and technical projects: № 723 UGM.09 "New technologies for hydrocarbon-mining and metallurgical sectors and related service industries", section 3.1.2 "Synthesis of new flotation reagents and flocculants to enrich oxidized and sparsely disseminated non-ferrous and precious metal ores"; №749.MES.PTF 12.1 "Developing the new highly efficient environmentally friendly technology to produce metallic antimony and its compounds from waste and intermediate products of non-ferrous metallurgy."

In 2015-2017, she headed №757. MES.GF.15. RUNR.43 "Development of technology for processing waste of non-ferrous metal ores in Kazakhstan into silicon phosphate sorption materials" research work. Currently, she is the chief researcher for № BR05236302 "Scientific and technical substantiation of innovations in the chemical cluster in creating new materials and technologies sphere to increase the efficiency and environmental sustainability of industrial production" PTF project (2018-2020).

h-index Scopus 3; has over 80 scientific articles and abstracts of reports at various international conferences, including those comprised in Scopus database, Web of Science, two textbooks, two patents and three acts of introducing scientific results into the educational process.

She is a member of Republican educational and methodological council for chemical technology specialties.

In 2019, she was awarded “85 years to KazNRTU named after K.I. Satbayev" jubilee medal.

“Chemical Processes and Industrial Ecology” Department was formed in June 2020 because of reorganization of “Chemical and Bioсhemical Engineering” Department at Chemical and Biological Technologies Institute.

The need for the given department’s formation is due to the relevance in the modern industrial society conditions, and issues regarding the natural resources’ rational use, the creation and all-round development of innovative technological processes and production of waste-free and low-waste methods; environmentally friendly functioning of the techno sphere. In addition, an urgent problem is the provision of global techno sphere security, that is, we are talking about the protection of individuals and environment both from people themselves and their techno genic activities.

Qualified specialists capable of solving any problems associated with creating new chemical processes and technologies that have not just high technical and economic but also environmental performance become a requirement of time. At the same time, specialists that are capable of carrying out the implementation of processes and production in accordance with compliance with legislative and regulatory national and international standards, ensure sustainable development and environmental quality management, including methods of environmental monitoring.

"Chemical Processes and Industrial Ecology" department is the legal successor of such ones as "Chemical technology of inorganic substances", "Applied chemistry", "Applied ecology" and "Life safety".

Qualified faculty and teaching staff with extensive practical, scientific and pedagogical experience support high standards of student learning.

CP&IE department includes 2 doctors of chemical sciences, 1 doctor of technical sciences, 1 doctor of biological sciences, 2 PhD doctors, 1 DВI doctor, 6 candidates of technical sciences, 3 candidates of chemical sciences, 4 masters of sciences.

At CP&IE department works Doctor Ph.D., associate professor Azat Seitkhan (h-index Scopus 4), there is a holder of "The best teacher of RK higher educational institutions" high title in 2019; "The best young scientist" in 2017 and 2019, co-leader of "Valorization of biomass waste into high efficient materials for CBRN protection" NATO project (2019-2021). He was in charge of "Development and production of new highly efficient sorbents and filters for water purification" for commercialization (2017-2019) project. He is the author of 4 patents, 2 monographs in English, 1 in Springer publishing house as well as more than 30 scientific articles in leading journals indexed in Thomson Reuters and Scopus (Q1, Q2) databases.

Professor, Doctor of biological sciences, Yelikbayev B.K. is the holder of "The best teacher of RK higher educational institutions" title in 2016, awarded with certificates of honor of two ministries of Republic of Kazakhstan: Environmental Protection (2005) and Agriculture (2015), Badge "For Special Merit" (2015).

In the coming 2020-2021 academic year at CP&IE department, the holders of scientific grants from RK Ministry of Science and Higher Education were:

  • Doctor of chemical sciences, CP&IE department’s Professor Iskakova T.K. "Development of innovative water-saving technologies using new biopolymer moisture sorbents for arid climatic zones" (2020-2021);
  • Doctor of biological sciences, CP&IE department Professor Yelikbayev B.K. "Scientific substantiation for selecting plants-hyper accumulators for phytoremediation of soils contaminated with heavy metals in Almaty" (2020-2021).

The department has a sufficient material and technical base both for performing laboratory work in major disciplines, and for carrying out research work and performing master's and doctoral dissertations. Laboratories are equipped with such devices as Jenway 6300, KPhK-3, VLA-200 analytical balance, Shimadzu IR Fourier spectrometer, titrates, extractors, etc.

Department students, starting from the third year, are engaged in research work, including on a contractual basis. The results of SRWS are tested at various scientific and practical conferences, including international ones, and participate in RK Education and Science Ministry’s competitions for the best student work. At the Republican competition of diploma theses / projects and master's theses, held on the basis of the South Kazakhstan State University named after M.O. Auezov, the dissertation work of Madiyarbek Zh.R. in 6M072000 – CTIS specialty (Shymkent, March 31, 2017) was awarded III-degree diploma.

In 2019, in the annual competition of scientific research work conducted among students of higher educational institutions of Republic of Kazakhstan ("Republican competition for the best scientific work of students in natural and technical, social-humanitarian and economic sciences of RK higher education institutions"), two scientific research works of students of IC&BT (Kaluova A.B., Otarova V.A., Dzhienaliyev K.D. and Altynbassova K., Kozlovskaya E.) in 5B072000 – CTIS specialty were awarded II degree diplomas for the second places they ranked (Nur-Sultan, 2019) https://satbayev.university/ru/news/itogi-respublikanskogo-konkursa-nirs.

In 2019, students of (K. Altynbassova, E. Kozlovskaya, V. Otarova) 5B072000 – “Chemical technology of inorganic substances” specialty ranked the 3rd place at “XI Republican Student Subject Olympiad for students of higher educational institutions of Republic of Kazakhstan on “5B072000 – CTIS” specialty https://satbayev.university/ru/news/rezultaty-olimpiady-po-spetsialnosti-khimicheskaya-tekhnologiya-neorganicheskikh-veshchestv.

Students of CP&IE department undergo practical training at the leading enterprises of RK chemical industry: LLP Kazphosphate, Kazazot, Kazferrostal, Kazakhmys, Kazatomprom; Research Institutes such as JSC "Institute of Chemical Sciences named after A.B. Bekturov", JSC "Institute of Fuel, Catalysis and Electrochemistry named after D.V. Sokolsky"; enterprises of the near abroad: JSC "Orenburg Minerals" (Russia).

Most of CP&IE department’s students, after graduating from the university stay to work at our partners’ enterprises that indicates the trinity of education, science and production of educational programs of the department and the demand for its graduates.

Among them are:

  • Shagambayev Duman, Master of technical sciences – deputy technical director - head of service department at LLP “ProgressKazEngineering”;
  • Kairzhanov Abay, Master of technical sciences – Project Office Director at Department for Development and Monitoring of Investment Projects, JSC “Orenburg Minerals”;
  •  Saktaganov Marat – Laboratory and Analytical Control Department Head at RSU Department of Ecology in Almaty under Committee for Environmental Regulation and Control of RK Energy Ministry;
  •  Tazabekov Asset – Director of Renaissance plus LLP, Representative Office Director at Kazakhstan Chamber of Environmental Auditors in Almaty and Almaty Region.

Chemical Processes and Industrial Ecology department trains specialists in the following educational programs:

- GEP B060 – Chemical Engineering and Processes (Bachelor degree): EP 6B07110 – "Chemical and biochemical engineering", 6B07116 – "Technology of Main Industries and New Materials" and B051 "Environment": 6B05102 – "Chemical and Biochemical Engineering", 6B05103 – "Engineering Ecology;

- GEP М087 – Environmental protection technology: 7M05202 – "Bioecological Engineering" (Master's degree);

- GEP M097 – Chemical Engineering and Processes: EP 7M07110 –"Chemical Processes and Production of Chemical Materials"(Master's degree);

- GEP D087 – Environmental protection technology: EP 8D05201 – "Bioecological Engineering" (Doctoral studies);

- GEP D097 – Chemical Engineering and Processes: EP 8D07109 –"Innovative Technologies and New Inorganic Materials" (Doctoral studies).



Sholpan Kubekova

Head of Department

MAB 1003



"Chemical Processes and Industrial Ecology" Department

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