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KazNITU named after K.I.Satpayev has been training personnel in bachelor's degree 5B090900 – Logistics (by industry) and Master's degree 6M090900 – Logistics (by industry) since the very beginning of the opening of specialties in the Classifier of specialties of higher and postgraduate education in 2010.

Due to the increased demand for specialists in the field of logistics and transportation organization, the Department of Logistics was established in 2021 at the E.A.Turkebayev Institute of Project Management.

The Department of Logistics trains personnel in the following educational programs

bachelor 's degree:

  • 6B11301 – Transport services (GOP B095); trajectory Logistics and organization of transportation;

master's degree programs

  • 7M11302 – Logistics (GOP M152)

doctoral studies

  • 8D11301 – Transport services (GOP D147)

The department also trains bachelors in a shortened program on the basis of secondary vocational and higher education in distance learning.


About the program Educational program 6B11301-"Transport services"

Кафедра Логистики

Advantages of training:

In April 2021 OP 6B11301-"Transport Services" has successfully passed international accreditation in the European Logistics Association (ELA, Brussels, Belgium), which gives the university the right to issue professional CeLog logistician level 4 certificates from the European Logistics Association to successful graduates. The certificate is valid for a period of 5 years. The holder of the certificate will have the opportunity to find employment not only in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also abroad, especially in the countries of the European continent, where the professional certificate of the teacher is highly valued. The possibility of obtaining a professional certificate of the EJ Log level after confirming 3 years of practical experience in the specialty for the period of validity of the certificate without passing the exam.


Program Features:

  • Academic mobility at bachelor's and master's degrees (study during the 1st semester at a foreign university);
  • International Professional certificates are given to graduates of Master's and Bachelor's degree programs;
  • Joint educational program;
  • двойного Double degree program.

Кафедра Логистики

Goals and objectives


  • training of comprehensively educated, creative specialists in the field of logistics and transport services, with skills in modeling, application of information systems and innovative technologies in the field of material and transport flows management, capable of implementing their professional knowledge, skills and abilities in public and private management, industrial enterprises, public and research organizations of any form of ownership.


  • to ensure the growth of research activities of the faculty of the department in order to integrate education, science and production;
  • to provide fundamental training of students for the successful solution of scientific and practical tasks in the fields of modeling and design of logistics systems and supply chain management;
  • to develop students' practical skills of analysis and forecasting, the formulation and conduct of scientific research, including the formation of students' professional orientation as a personality quality of future specialists;
  • to improve the three-level model of training of personnel with higher and postgraduate education: bachelor's degree - master's degree - doctoral degree, meeting the requirements of consumers, based on the introduction of modern educational technologies and continuous improvement of educational and methodological activities of the teaching staff of the department;
  • to introduce innovative technologies and promising teaching methods into the educational process, contributing to the development of independence and creative thinking of students;
  • formation of a healthy moral atmosphere, friendship and cooperation in study groups;
  • participation in international activities in the field of education and training, internships of teaching staff and students in leading foreign universities and companies;
  • to prepare highly qualified competent specialists for the transport and logistics sector of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, able to quickly adapt to rapidly changing socio-economic conditions;
  • to form a certain set of personal qualities and general cultural competencies in the student, sufficient for the formation of a modern transport industry and advanced organization of activities in the country (region).

Студенты кафедры Логистики Студенты кафедры Логистики Студенты кафедры Логистика

Relevance of the program:

The Bachelor of this profile is being prepared for activities in the field of transport and logistics services, which includes a set of means, methods and methods of human activity aimed at solving complex tasks related to modeling and designing logistics systems and networks, improving logistics services and value-added services, optimizing transportation routes, organizing international transportation, improving the efficiency of warehousing and distribution of finished products based on the use of modern information systems and technology.

Upon graduation, a bachelor's degree graduate will be ready for professional work in logistics companies, logistics departments of industrial and commercial enterprises.

Our graduates as specialists are in demand in government agencies (Transport Committee under the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development; transport, customs and warehouse logistics; administration and logistics service, etc.), as well as in various organizations and companies

  • freight forwarder-logistician;
  • logistics manager;
  • logistics-analyst;
  • logistics specialist in the field of Supply Chain Management;
  • logistician of FEA (foreign economic activity);
  • supply specialist,
  • warehouse logistics specialist.

Кафедра ЛогистикиAccording to the Atlas of New Professions, created on the basis of forecasts of industry experts in the field of transport and logistics, a list of professions that will disappear and appear in the next few years has been determined.

Thus, it is predicted that 20 new professions will appear in the transport and logistics industry, 9 will be transformed and 16 will disappear.

Among the new professions, ITS designers are already in demand - information technology support (traffic management systems, smart logistics, dispatching, real-time monitoring and analysis, etc.) and ITS operators.

From 2025, the market will need specialists such as a designer of transport management interfaces, a digital logistician, a biometric control technologist and many others.

Atlas of New Professions


In the future, with the development of artificial intelligence, many professions will disappear. All processes will be robotic. However, in the next 10-15 years, according to experts, the labor market will still need these specialists.

Atlas of New Professions


School of transport engineering and logistics named after M. Tynyshpayev

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