Competence center «Industry 4.0»

Competence center «Industry 4.0» in Satbayev University was opened by the Institute of Automatics and Information Technology in 2021.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution increases the requirements for the knowledge and competencies of employees. In 2019, the Head of State was instructed to develop a training plan for 10 thousand specialists for key industries until 2025. Industry 4.0 is a concept of production organization, where additional value is provided through the integration of physical objects, processes and digital technologies. At the same time, digital technologies allow real-time monitoring of physical processes, independently make decisions, control the interaction of machines between themselves and people.

At the moment, many enterprises in Kazakhstan have begun to introduce digital technologies into production processes, which made it possible to switch to an online production control mode with minimal damage.

Competence center «Industry 4.0» - is a special kind of structural element of the Institute of Automatics and Information Technology. He controls one or more important activities of the Institute. Thanks to the competent authority, relevant knowledge is accumulated, and there is also a search for ways to solve problems.

The Center performs the following functions:

  • Digitalization of the educational process of the Institute of Automatics and Information Technology Satbayev University;
  • Transformation of hidden and individual expertise into formal documentation that can be accessed by most employees;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of expert work and preservation of the leading positions of the Institute in the field of training highly qualified specialists;
  • Checking for changes in global trends and technologies;
  • Taking care of the change of professional generations, regular training of young employees, transfer of experience to newcomers from expert persons;
  • Creating a modern and secure digital educational environment that ensures high quality and accessibility of education of all types and levels;
  • Involvement of highly qualified specialists and teaching staff of other universities in lecturing, conducting research within the framework of networking;
  • Implementation of joint work with other organizations involved in the project, as well as with other structural units of the University;
  • Creating an open environment for the exchange of knowledge and experience;
  • Implementation of services by the Institute in the IT industry as part of its activities.


Director of Competence Center "Industry 4.0"

Anartayeva Aizhan Maratovna

Office: 305, ICTT

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