Management of public procurement

The General situation


The government procurement office (hereinafter - PDO) is a structural unit NAO "Kazakh national research technical University named after K. I. Satpayev (hereinafter" NAO "KazNRTU").

The government procurement office is headed by a chief, appointed and dismissed by the Rector NAO "KazNRTU". In its activities, the SPP submits to the Vice Rector for corporate development of the NAO "KazNRTU". Ugz is a structural unit responsible for implementation of procedures of organization and conduct of public procurement. In its activities, the SPP is guided by:

- applicable Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On state procurement";

- Charter of the NAO "KazNRTU";

- Policies and Objectives of the NAO "KazNRTU" in the field of quality;

- Guidelines for quality NAO "KazNRTU" and other normative documents of the quality management system (QMS) of the University;

- orders and regulations by NAO "KazNRTU";

- the present Regulation and other normative documents of the NAO "KazNRTU".


Main tasks


Office of government Commerce in its activities shall:

- development and approval of the annual plan of public procurement (provisional annual plan of public procurement);

- supplier selection and conclusion of the contract on public procurement, in accordance with sposobami public procurement, stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on public procurement;

- performance of the contract on public procurement.

The public procurement is mainly based on the following principles:

optimal and effective expenditure of money used for public procurement;

- provide potential suppliers equal opportunities for participation in the procedure of public procurement;

- openness and transparency of the public procurement process;

- fair competition among potential suppliers;

- supporting domestic producers and domestic suppliers of works and services;

- prevention of corruption manifestations;

- the acquisition of innovative and high-tech goods, works and services.

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