Practice for students of the Department of Automation and Control

Siemens LLP is a transnational concern that operates in the fields of communications, electronics, electrical and lighting engineering, the automotive sector and the medical industry


Advantek Engineering LLP– solutions for automation and control of units, factories and technological processes. We develop and supply reliable automated control systems that increase the safety and efficiency of enterprises. Member of the International Technology Park of IT startups “Astana Hub”


Yokogawa Electric Kazakhstan LLP– largest manufacturer of innovative equipment for industrial automation


Zeinet LLP began its activities in 2001, and became one of the “pioneers” in the field of automation services in the Kazakhstan market. One of the first Customers was Siemens AG Karlsruhe, for which installation work was carried out, as well as commissioning work for an automation system for oil heating furnaces for KazTransOil JSC


Saiman Corporation LLP– a leading domestic instrument manufacturing enterprise with a full cycle of production of electricity metering instruments. The instrument-making plant "SAIMAN" is geographically located in Almaty. Well known in the republic and in the CIS countries as a leading manufacturer and supplier of its own products - a wide range of electronic electricity meters, current transformers, indoor and outdoor electricity metering cabinets, LED products, an automated system for commercial metering of electricity (ASKUE), an automated system for controlling external lighting ( ASUNO).


Shin-Line Group of Companies,Founded in 1995 as a small family enterprise producing ice cream, it is now the largest producer of this product in Central Asia and the first exporter of Kazakh ice cream to foreign markets.


Honeywell Corporationis the largest company in the production of construction measuring equipment. It produces specialized technical products for your needs.


Automation and robotics specialists are in demand in various industries and sectors. In the modern world, where there is an active introduction of digital technologies and automated systems, specialists in this field play a key role.

Areas where specialists in the EP “Automation and Robotization” are in demand:

Automation engineers;Specialists in programming industrial controllers; Specialists in setting up and servicing industrial automation; Chief specialist of the automation department; Instrumentation and automation engineer (Instrumentation and automation specialist); Equipment adjuster 4th category; Robotics engineers; Specialists in the design and implementation of automated systems; Developers of programs for automated systems; Engineers specializing in automated production lines.

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