Department of Engineering Physics

The Department of "Engineering Physics" was established in 2018.

Professors and teaching staff of the department are highly qualified professionals; most of the faculty members have great work experience in teaching.

Aims and purposes:

●to guarantee the fundamental training for students for the sophisticated solutions of scientific and engineering tasks in different areas of technical physics and material science, which possesses the interdisciplinary characteristic, specifically in nanotechnology, cosmic and atomic substructures.

● to elaborate practical skills in engineering research and development, research and development research, to establish characteristics of a future engineers.

●to prepare students for research work, development and research organizations, working with the problems of physics, the development of professional and ethical responsibilities, the ability to learn and improve the life of the student.

● to enhance a three-dimensional model of preparing a post-graduate education: bachelor degree - magistracy - doctorate, corresponding to the demand of consumers, on the basis of modern teaching technologies and continuous teaching methodology and pedagogical staff.

● to guarantee the right to participate in the market of educational services in the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the world educational space, which is a part of the current state and international standards of education and training.

● to obtain a list of professorial-teaching staff of the department with the integration of education, science, and production.


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