Department of Materials Science, Nanotechnology and Engineering Physics

The Department of Materials Science, Nanotechnology and Engineering Physics was established in 2021.

The teaching staff of the department is a highly qualified, professional team with various scientific fields, most of the teachers have extensive experience in the university.

Goals and objectives:

  • To provide fundamental and applied training of students for their successful solution of scientific and engineering problems in various fields of materials science, nanotechnology and engineering physics, which have an interdisciplinary nature, especially in the space and nuclear industries.
  • Develop students' practical skills in engineering analysis and design, formulation and conduct of scientific research, including the formation of students' professional orientation as a personality quality of the future engineer.
  • Prepare students for a successful career in industrial, scientific, research and production organizations and educational institutions engaged in solving problems of materials science and engineering physics by developing their professional and ethical responsibility, the ability to independently study and improve their qualifications throughout their lives.
  • To improve the three-level model of training of personnel with higher and postgraduate education: bachelor's degree - master's degree - doctoral degree, meeting modern requirements of industry, based on the introduction of modern educational technologies and continuous improvement of educational and methodological activities of the teaching staff of the department.
  • To ensure the competitiveness of graduates of the department in the labor market and in the global educational space that meet modern state and international standards of science and education.
  • To ensure an increase in the growth of research activities of the faculty of the department in order to integrate education, science and production.

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