Research and production laboratory "Modeling in Energy"

The structure of the scientific and production laboratory "Modeling in Energy" includes three divisions:

1) Computer modeling and software (CM&S);

2) Underground hydrodynamics (UH);

3) Alternative energy (AE).

Research and production lab "Modeling in Energy" had 8 full-time employees and 3 freelancers. The laboratory is equipped with the necessary amount of computer equipment and office equipment: 10 graphics stations, 5 laptops, 3 ultrabooks, 4 MFPs, 2 b/w laser printers and 1 color printer.

Currently, "Modeling in Energy" is carrying out research work within the framework of the state order under the budget program "Grant financing of scientific research" for 2020-2022 of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on two topics: 1) “Study of the transition of Newtonian fluid motion to a viscoplastic state.” In the priority area: 8. Scientific research in the field of natural sciences. 2) “Digital technology for optimizing the cyclic pumping of highly solidifying and high-viscosity oil mixtures.” In the priority area: 3. Information, telecommunications and space technologies.

In addition, research work was carried out on the economic contract topic “Services for maintenance and technical support of the information system” (contract No. 615310/2011/1 dated September 06, 2021 with KazTransOil JSC).

The total amount of funding for scientific projects for 2021 amounted to 69,927 thousand tenge.

As part of the development strategy of the Satbayev University for 2022-2026. The laboratory performs the following strategic tasks: qualitative results of contract research - publication of research results in journals with indicators Q1 and Q2; high-quality scientific research - the implementation of research work within the framework of an economic contract, the commercialization of projects, an increase in the share of young scientists in the total number of scientists and researchers. Item "Digitalization of industry and electric power industry" of the state program "Digital Kazakhstan", Item "Green" economy and environment" of the strategic development plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2025.

As part of the further development of the Laboratory, it is possible to expand and strengthen it through: further work on the creation of additional modules and technical support for the SmartTran software package; creation of an intelligent system for selecting effective methods for enhanced oil recovery of oil fields in conditions of fuzzy geological and physical data; development of scientific research in the field of hydrogen energy; implementation of the digital twin program for the heating network (in Pavlodar).

According to the Atlas of Professions, on the basis of the Laboratory, it is possible to train students, undergraduates, doctoral students in such new professions as: Analyst engineer in the oil and gas industry; 3D printing operator; Design engineer for creating digital twins of deposits; Developer of smart systems for mining and metallurgical industries; Big Data Analyst; Petroleum service engineer for digitalization (BIG DATA Architect); Smart manager; IT specialist; Hydrogen Engineer.

Based on the results of research in 2021-2022, 7 articles were published in scientific journals, of which 2 articles were published in the Case Studies in Thermal Engineering journal (Web of Science, Q1), 1 article was published in the Cogent Engineering journal (Scopus, 67%, Q2), 2 articles in the "Complex Use of Mineral Resources" (Web of Science Core Collection, RSCI, CQAES), as well as 2 abstracts of the report in the proceedings of international scientific and practical conferences.

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