Institute of Physics and Technology

One of the leading research institutes of Kazakhstan in the field of materials science, high energy physics and cosmic rays. The Institute was established by the decree of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR in 1990. The initiative was launched in 1988, one of the ideological inspirers of the creation of the institute was one of the founders of semiconductor physics, Professor V.S. Vavilov.

The Institute started its work in 1991, the main scientific directions were identified, one of them was the development of the scientific foundations of radiation-ion modification of solids (physics of processes and changes in the properties of metallic and semiconductor materials), the other was the development of methods of analysis and diagnostics of surface and bulk properties of solids (new instruments, equipment and software).

The structure of the Institute includes 7 scientific laboratories:

  • Laboratory of innovative functional Materials
  • Boos E.G. Laboratory of High Energy Physics
  • Laboratory of Cosmic Ray Physics
  • Laboratory of Photovoltaic Phenomena and Devices
  • Yu.V. Gorelkinsky EPR Spectroscopy Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Radiation Ecology
  • Lighting Equipment Testing Sector

The main direction of the Institute's work was the conduct of research and development work in priority areas of scientific and technological development. He is known for his work in green energy and research of cosmic rays, has practical developments in the field of solar energy. Among the scientists of the Institute, such great physicists as Malai Tashimov, Yuri Gorelkinsky, Ernst Boos and Albert Loktionov are known.

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