K. Turysov Institute of Geology, Oil and Mining


Institute of Geology and Petroleum Engineering was created in 2000 on the base of Geological and Prospecting faculty. Geological and Prospecting faculty was created in April, 2003. It united the oldest chairs of geological type, which conventionally make the base of Geological and Prospecting faculty. The name of famous public figure, scientist, and geologist Karatai Turysov was given to the institute in 2006.

Two institutes become one again in 2011, nevertheless the institute saved the name of famous person, scientist and was renamed in Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Business of K. Turysov.

The institute has 7 chairs and trains highly qualified personnel in specialties:


5В070600 - «GEOLOGY AND EXPLORATION OF MINERAL DEPOSITS» in the following domain of professional activities:

  • Geological survey, search and exploration of mineral deposits;
  • Oil and gas geology;
  • Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits;
  • Technology and technique of well-drilling;
  • Hydrogeology and engineering geology.


5В070800 – «OIL AND GAS BUSINESS» in the following domain of professional activities:

  • Oil and gas field development and operation;
  • Technique and technology of oil and gas well-drilling onshore and offshore;
  • Oil and gas transportation and storage.


The institute has a great laboratory, material and technical base, unique mineralogical museum, the mineralogical center for studying of material structure on - micro level. Institute's educational process is combined with research work where students have opportunity to participate in the funded research projects. The institute actively conducts the international activity, keeps in close connection with universities of the USA, Europe, Russia, etc., for example students have opportunity to do internship in Colorado School of Mines (Denver, USA), to be trained by system of two-degree education with National polytechnical institute of Lorraine (France), and University of Nancy (France).  


Goals and objectives

The main goal is to train highly qualified specialists of the geological and petroleum industries according to the world educational standards.



-  The implementation of training programs of geologists and oil workers knowledgeable about the technology of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits, underground water of various types, the geophysical methods of wells research and mineral deposits exploration, oil and gas well-drilling, development and operation processes of oil and gas fields, the design and operation of onshore and offshore gas pipelines and storage;

  • Providing student with a knowledge, skills and competences, allows you to see, analyze and find solutions engineering problems in the field of professional activity using modern computer technology and the results of experimental - research.
  • The improvement of international cooperation between scientists and students of the Institute with foreign universities and companies.


Mission and Strategy

The Institute's mission is to prepare the competitive generation of the technical specialists for the labor market of the geological and petroleum industries.


The Institute strategy:

  • providing quality education according to the needs of the labor market;
  • the development of master and doctoral PhD;
  • the development of research and innovation activities;
  • creation of conditions for the development of the educational activities of students;
  • the formation of highly qualified personnel from among the teaching staff;
  • the development of material and technical base.
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