Applied Mechanics and engineering graphics


In 2016, the department "Applied Mechanics and foundations designed machines" and "Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics" were merged into one department "Applied Mechanics and engineering chart" and head of the department was appointed prof. Kayim T.T.

History of the department "Applied Mechanics and Engineering Graphics" begins with the distant 1934, when the first technical college was opened - the Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute.

Over the years, these departments guided: Ph.D., associate Professor Favorsky, V.V.; PhD, associate Professor, Brezhnev V.V.; mechanical engineer Bochkarev G.A.; Ph.D., associate Professor of the Beans, A.N.; Ph.D., associate Professor Akimov, C. T.; Ph.D., associate Professor Chukubayev A.; Ph.D., associate Professor Tileukabyl A. E.; prof. Rakishev B. R.; Ph. D., Professor esmuhan J.M; D.SC.of medical Sciences, Professor Tyurekhodgaev, A.N.; prof. Nurmukhanov B.N.; Ph.D., Professor Kazykhanov H.R.; Ph.D., Professor Tazhibaev, S.D.; doctor of engineering, Professor Akanov, H. G.; Ph. D., Isakov K. A.; doctor of Sciences, Professor Ibrayev S.M.; Ph.D., Kosbolov S.B.; Ph.D., associate Professor of Kuspekov K.A. and others.

The Department worked well-known scientists, academician of NAS RK, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Dzholdasbekov U.A., academician of NAS RK, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor G.U. ualiev, Ph.D., Professor Rakhimov, D.SC.of medical Sciences, Professor S.K. Tleukenov, Ph.D., Professor Ivanov K.S., etc.


Since 2001, the Department began training students in the specialty 250240 - “Dynamics and strength of machines”. In the future, the profession is transformed into a specialty 5В071200 – mechanical engineering, specialization "Dynamics and strength of machines".

Since 2009, the Department began training students in the specialty 5B090100 – "Organization of transportations, movements and transport operation".

Specialization "Dynamics and strength of machines" – applied research direction of engineering, which implements the idea of combining a University education in the field of strength, reliability of technical systems is their safe operation.


Professional activities:

- Creation and development of analytical and numerical methods of calculation of new techniques, devices, machines and structures;

- Theoretical and experimental study of dynamics and stability of mechanical systems;

- Investigation of the reliability, resource and safety of machines, structures and devices;

- Development of mathematical models of structural analysis of composite and advanced materials in extreme conditions.


Specialty "Organization of transportations, movements and transport operation" prepares specialists in the field of freight and passenger transport, organization and control of transport and storage, information and customs logistics.

Training of bachelors-engineers are done by the qualified professors, associate professors and specialists production workers in the state and Russian languages. Our graduates are in demand in the engineering and transport industries (machine-building enterprises, design and research institutes, traffic police, transport inspection, freight, customs and warehousing, operation of transport equipment, cargo-passenger transportation, logistics service, etc.).

Training is carried out on 3-level educational system: bachelor, master and PhD degrees.


Training for bachelor degree is 4 years. Training in the magistracy is 1.5-2 years. Training at the PhD course is 3 years.

A master's degree or PhD allows you to pursue research activities in academic research institutions, pedagogical work in educational institutions, etc.


The goals and objectives of the Department "Applied mechanics and engineering graphics" in the field of quality is the fulfillment of the requirements of the standard ISO 9001-2000 "quality management System. Requirements" and the policy of the University in training highly qualified specialists and development of educational programs of the Department mechanical Engineering and Standardization, Metrology and certification:

- Development and strengthening of scientific and educational, innovation and scientific-pedagogical activities of the Department and on the basis of 3 languages, Kazakh, English and Russian;

- Development of curricula for training of bachelors, masters and PhD students in accordance with the requirements of SCES of the RK;

- Development of proposals for participation in competitions of innovation and research of the RK;

- Development of cooperation with industrial enterprises of the RK;

- Professional development of teaching staff.


The mission of the Department is aimed at:

1) providing modern knowledge in the field of mathematical modeling the rationale of structural, geometric, kinematic, power, strength and dynamic parameters of the actuators;

2) provide current knowledge in the field of mathematical and computer modeling of the functioning of Executive mechanisms of machines for various processes for justification and selection of their parameters;

3) development of students through research activities;

4) development and creation of an atmosphere of the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual motivation;

5) conduct educational activities based on the development engineering and quality management system;

6) develop educational programs using multimedia, new technologies of teaching;

7) the establishment of partnerships with foreign universities.

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