Physical Education


The Department of Physical Education was founded in 1934. The first head of the department has been P.A. Kalifutorov for nearly 30 years. Further, the department led by the experienced teachers: K.K. Kaldybekov (1963-1972 years), Honored Master of Sports Zh.N. Saurambayev (1972-1977 years), N.S. Karimov (1977-1983 years), D.U. Murzayev (1983-1988 years), the first professor of the Department Zh.N. Saurambayev (from 1988-2015).

Since 2016 the head of the department became T.S. Imataliev, the master of sports in bodybuilding according to the WBPF, certified trainer of world-class in bodybuilding and fitness, international judge in bodybuilding and mass-wrestling. Over the years,  B.I. Lim, V.S. Korobov, I.R. Bondarev, I.I. Kartcev have made a great contribution to the development of the chair, the first candidate in pedagogical sciences of the department, master of sport G.S. Imankulov, candidate in pedagogy, the first associate professor of the  chair  S.E. Krylov, honored master of sports of the USSR with the ball hockey V.G. Ilyin, honored master of sports of A.F. Nikishin, candidate in master of sports, associate professor of the department  N.T. Kanagatov, master of sports in weightlifting, a senior lecturer A.D. Ten, a senior lecturer T.Y. Malinovskaya, a senior lecturer N.N. Skedro, a senior lecturer E.Zh. Kurmangazy, honored coach of Kazakhstan boxing E.H.Gabdul, HCR RK, MS USSR, the top level coach, the referee at national category A.K. Abilhanov and many others. For many years, in the department have been working: Ph.D., professor Zh.B. Boztayev,  master of sports, international referee V.A.Chivzhel, senior teachers N.M. Akhmedzhanova , I.Y. Mashkov ,  G.S. Syromolotova, honored master of sports in Kazakh kuresi, two-time world champion, three-time Asian champion Talip B.T. and many other experienced teachers. In KazNTRU cultivated following sports: athletic gymnastics, mass-wrestling, basketball, volleyball, football, arm wrestling, rugby, table tennis, free-style wrestling, sambo, the Kazakh kures, boxing, chess, checkers, togyz kumalak, fitness, orienteering, oriental martial arts. The University always prepared elite athletes. Among them, Olympic champion in volleyball Valery Kravchenko, world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Vladimir Bakulin, conqueror of Everest Kazbek Valiev and Yervand Ilyinsky, V. Hrischaty, MSIC on basketball Galina Madison and Alexander Nikishin, multiple tennis champion Egor Shaldunov. In our university,  studied and continued professional sports students like Chernovol Gennady – MSIC in athletics, winner of the Asian Games, Orymhan Gauhar - WCMS for shotokan karate, has a black belt, A. Balabaev - MS RK on Fencing D. Yunusbaeva - MS RK on fencing, winner of the world Cup, Eldar Alimzhanov - MSIC on fencing, world champion among youth, D. Shahieva - MS RK on  fencing, Kazakhstan champion, O. Lyashenko - MS RK on fencing,  champion of Kazakhstan Universiade, Tatyana Mashkova - MSIC in beach volleyball, a member of the national team of Kazakhstan in beach volleyball, the second prize winner of the Asian championship, the third prize winner of the Intercontinental Cup, Kazakhstan Cup champion, Tsymbalo Irina - MSIC in beach volleyball, a member of the district team RK in beach volleyball, the second prize winner of the Asian championship, the third prize-winner Intercontinental Cup, Kazakhstan Cup champion, Bykon Stanislav - CMS on beach volleyball, a member of the youth team of the RK, Perevertov M. - CMS on beach volleyball, a member of the youth team of the RK, Zhaynakov Dauren - WCMS on sambo, the world champion, Asia, silver medalist of the World Cup , a multiple champion of the RK. Today following champions are carrying out the honor of Kazakhstan and sports traditions of the University with proud: Leila Konuspayeva, master of sports of RK on kazaksha kures, 3 times champion of Kazakhstan and bronze medalist of the Asian Championship in judo and sambo; Zhuldyzbay Azamat, Kazakhstan master of sports in karate, winner of the World Cup 2014 ; Erlan Dias, Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan on contact taekwondo, silver medalist of the RoK Championship 2014 ; Algazy Nursultan, CMS of the RK on judo, kazaksha kures, bronze medalist of the 2011 RK Championship, kazaksha kures, champion of International judo tournament 2012 ; Sadykov Diloram, Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan karate champion and winner of the World Cup in 2015.

Imataliev Talap Saippuliyevich
The head of the physical education department, Master of Sport on bodybuilding by WBPF version, Certified Coach of International World-class on bodybuilding and fitness, International Judge on bodybuilding and mas-wrestling.


Aims  and  objectives

Physical  education  in high  schools is an integral part  of the national  programmes  in forming  of  general  and  professional  personal culture of the current specialist.

As an academic  discipline, mandatory  for  all  specialities, it provides a specialized physical readines conscious education, the needs of healthy life style. It is one of the tools developed personality factor in strengthening the formation of a comprehensive health optimizing physical and psychophysical condition of students in the process of training.

The  main  part of this  programm is  closely  connected with  the  law of   the  Republic  of  Kazakhstan    «About  Physical  Education  and  Sport», with  the code RК about  people  health and  systems of  health  service and  strategy  programme  in  action  «Кazakhstan-2050».

This   programm  is  done  for  the  qualification   of  students in  physical  education . It  provides succession in  study  process of  physical  education  among  the schools  and  colleges.

The  aim of  this  discipline «Physical  education» is   the   formation of  healthy   life , keeping  and  srenghtening  of   students  for  realization their ability  in  daily   process .
•    To address this goal  are defined next  tasks: 
Physical training goals: providing educational decision in  study and health
•    give basic knowledge about the use of evidence-based physical education and sport in the development of the vital physical qualities and their long- term preservation of health improvement;
•    motivation and value attitude to physical education , create a need for systematic physical exercise and sports;
•    to ensure the acquisition of diverse physical abilities and skills for the development of skills;
•    learn how to manage physical mental state, using means and methods of culture;
•    training needs  healthy lifestyle and physical perfection;
•    acquisition of physical education: fundamental knowledge and practical skills in the level of provision;
•    professionals, providing tea physical professionally trained a sufficient level of professional fitness of Mr future performance, significant development and psychomotor abilities;
•    full use  means of physical training for the preservation and strengthening disease prevention health;
 in conclusion of  activities for  development of students in active sports and athletic values of physical education and the acquisition of experience of its use in the comprehensive development of the individual;
•    improving sports skills of students-athletes;
- acquisition of knowledge skills of self-management skills and independent state body, functional assessment.

•    The  role  of the chair is in «lifting the human spirit through meaningful aimed at achieving in the field of physical activity, sport and recreation, health improvement and quality of life at all levels of society ».

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