Physical Education


The Department of Physical Education was founded in 1934. The first head for almost 30 years was P.A. Kalifutov. Further, the department was led by experienced teachers: K.K. Kaldybekov (1963-1972), Honored Master of Sports Zh.N. Saurambaev (1972-1977), N.S. Karimov (1977-1983), D.U. Murzaev (1983-1988), the first professor of the department Zh.N. Saurambaev (from 1988-2015). Since 2016, the head of the department has become T.S. Imataliev, master of sports in bodybuilding according to the WBPF version, certified trainer of international class in bodybuilding and fitness Judge of the international category in bodybuilding and mas-wrestling.

For many years of the department's work, the greatest contribution to its formation was made by B.I. Lim, V.S. Korobov, I.R. Bondarev, I.I. Kartsev, G.S. Imankulov, S.E. Krylov, V.G. Ilyin, A.F. Nikishin, N.T. Kanagatov, A.D. Ten., T. Ya. Malinovskaya, N.N. Skedro, E.Zh. Kurmangazy, Gabdulov E.Kh., A.K. Abilkhanov and many others. For many years the department has been working: lecturers Makhperova H.I., Amrenova G.R., Arkabaeva S.K., Borodina E.V., Dzhuashev E.U., Dzhumabaeva S.T., Isaev Kh.A. , Mashkov I.Yu. Nusipova A.A., Plekhova S.V., Rybintseva M.G., Seilov B.A., Sinkov D.V., Tanakulova A.S., Ukeshov T.R. The following sports are cultivated in KazNRTU: mas-wrestling, basketball, volleyball, football, arm wrestling, table tennis, chess, togyz umala, fitness.

The University has always prepared and prepares elite athletes.

Zhuldyzbay Azamat, master of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in karate, winner of the 2014 World Championship; Erlanov Diaz, master of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in contact taekwondo, silver medalist of the 2014 championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Algazy Nursultan, candidate for master of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in judo, kazaksha kures, bronze medalist of the championships of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2011, 2012 in kazaksha kures, champion of the international judo tournament 2012; Sadykova Diloram, master of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan karate-do, champion and medalist of the 2015 World Championship. Rakhimbayev Daulet, master of sports in cross-country skiing, in 2016 at the VI Winter Universiade of the Republic of Kazakhstan took 3rd place in mountain skiing, 5th place in cross-country skiing, 5th place in ski jumping, 11th place in orienteering, 15th place presidential all-around also in 2017 at the 28th World Winter Universiade took 10th place out of 70 participants; Etemesov Abdullah took 1st place in 2016 in Jiu Jitsu. Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2018 SU students Shamet Temirlan Nurlanuly and Akylbek Altyn Qaldybekkyzy took 3rd place at the Mas-Wrestling World Cup in Almaty. Moscow; In 2019, at the World Nomad Games, 3rd year student Shamet Temirlan Nurlanuly took 3rd place.

Head of the Department of Physical Culture is Imataliev Talap Sayppullovich, Master of Sports in bodybuilding according to WBPF, certified trainer of international class in bodybuilding and fitness Judge of the international category in bodybuilding and mas-wrestling

Targets and goals

Physical culture in a higher educational institution is an integral part of the national program for the formation and professional culture of the personality of a modern specialist.

As an academic discipline, compulsory for all specialties, it provides profiled physical readiness, education of a conscious healthy lifestyle, is one of the means of forming a comprehensively developed personality, contributes to health promotion, optimization of the physical and psychophysical state of students in the process of professional training.

The main provisions of this program are linked to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On physical culture and sports", the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on health and the health care system and the strategic program "Kazakhstan-2050".

This program has been drawn up with an emphasis on improving the physical education of students. It ensures the continuity of the educational process with the physical education program for schoolchildren and secondary educational institutions.

The purpose of the discipline "Physical culture" is the formation of a healthy lifestyle, the preservation and strengthening of students' health for the realization of their ability in the process of daily activities.

Physical culture classes provide for educational, upbringing and recreational tasks:

  • to give basic scientifically grounded knowledge about the use of physical culture and sports in the development of vital physical qualities and their improvement, long-term health preservation;
  • to form a motivational-value attitude to physical culture and the need for systematic physical activity and sports;
  • ensuring the acquisition of versatile skills and abilities for the development of physical abilities;
  • to teach to manage the mental state using the means and methods of physical culture;
  • raising the need for a healthy lifestyle and physical improvement;
  • acquisition of fundamental knowledge and practical skills in the field of physical culture;
  • ensuring a sufficient level of training of future specialists, including physical fitness, fitness, performance, development of professional importance.

Physical Education

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