Scientific projects of the S&G Department

Scientists of the Department of Surveying and Geodesy participate in grant financing competitions; targeted financing programs (PCF); publish scientific articles, textbooks and monographs; participate in scientific conferences; review scientific articles and abstracts; guide applicants and undergraduates.

The list of current scientific projects of grant financing, young scientists

1. AP14871828 "Research and development of a highly effective methodology for monitoring the geotechnical state of a mountain range for assessing and predicting deformation processes during field development" (2022-2024) – head of the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Rysbekov K.B.

2. AR19576993 "Intensification of the process of recultivation of disturbed lands during open-pit mining due to hyperaccumulative plants and mycorrhiza. (2023-2025).  – PhD supervisor, Associate Professor Zhakypbek Y.

3. AR19680130 "Ensuring industrial, environmental safety and completeness of extraction of minerals in the conditions of the earth's sinkhole hazard" (2023-2025).  – Head of PhD, Associate Professor.  Aitkazinova Sh.K.

4. AP14871694 Development of technology for processing ash and slag waste from a thermal power plant to obtain in–demand building materials (2022-2024) - head of Ph.D. Kuldeev E.I.

Targeted Financing Programs (PCFs)

1.BR21882179 "Development of predictive prospecting solutions for geological mapping of ore deposits by ground-based space methods" (2023-2025) - Head of PhD, Head of the Department Orynbasarova E.O.

2.BR21882366 "Development of the geoid model of the Republic of Kazakhstan as the basis of the unified state coordinate and elevation system" (2023-2025) - head of the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Kasymkanova H.-K.M.



The great achievement of the Department of Surveying and Geodesy was won by the international Erasmus project. This important achievement has become a key moment in our commitment to the development of scientific research, as well as provided unique opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and experience with leading educational institutions around the world.

Project coordinators: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Director of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute Kanai Rysbekov; PhD, Head of the Department Elmira Orynbasarova, play a key role in the successful implementation of the project.

 The Erasmus project provides unique opportunities for students and faculty of the department to participate in international exchange of experience, training and research. The project also aims to strengthen cooperation between universities and institutes in various countries, creating a platform for the exchange of best practices and methodologies in the field of Mining engineering.

As part of the Erasmus project, Associate Professor Toktarov A.A. made a trip to Dumlupinar University (Kutakhya, Turkey) as part of academic mobility. The experience and knowledge gained within the framework of the Erasmus project will become an important contribution to the educational process and scientific research, contributing to the additional development of the educational institution. It also opens up new opportunities for students, enriching their professional and personal growth, and strengthens the position of the department on the world stage of scientific and educational achievements.

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