Institute of Digital Engineering and Technology

An international-level developer in the field of production automation, big data and machine intelligence. Conducts scientific research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, develops, implements and implements innovative technologies in the field of industrial automation, digitalization and instrumentation.

The Institute specializes in large-scale projects in the field of industrial automation, creating automated control systems, MCCs, ASDC, CD, dispatch centers, production management centers, MES systems, PI, digital twins, intelligent digital deposits for large companies. The structure also has an experimental design bureau and a supercomputer modeling Laboratory that provide services for processing large amounts of data.

The Institute provides services for the design and development of software, for the formation of balance and dispatching for industrial enterprises, for production management in the part of the TORO. The Institute is one of the centers of digitalization of our country, developing solutions for state corporations, such as SMART CITY solutions, medical information systems and corporate cloud solutions

The staff of the Institute is the author of the only integrated business process planning system for large production facilities in the CIS.

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