Department of "Cybersecurity, information processing and storage"


Department of "Computer Science" is now "Information Security" was founded In 1962,. The Department conducted the training of engineers in the majors "Mathematical and computing instruments and devices", which in 1968 was transformed into a majors "Computer Engineering", and in 1990 - in the majors "Computers, complexes, systems and networks . "In 1971, the Department became part of the newly organized Department of Engineering Cybernetics, and since 1975 under its former name restored. The department was the basis for the formation in 1980 of the Faculty of Electronic Computers (EVT).

The first head of the department (1962-68 years) was a famous educator and honored inventor of the Kazakh SSR, associate professor L.A.Brichkin.

From 1968 to 1971 he headed the Department Associate Professor L.A. Vinokurov graduate of the Kharkov Higher Military Aviation Engineering School of the radio department, specialty engineer on radio BBC.

In the period 1975-1988 years department was headed by Candidate of Technical Degree, Associate Professor S.T.Tynymbaev one of the first graduates of the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science in "Mathematical computing devices and equipment" of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute named after V.I. Lenin.

There is a development of the department in basic areas of computer and information technology-related hardware and software problems in the automation of scientific research and industrial applications. Customers of works are such organizations as: NIITSEVT ("Perseus", Moscow); Institute of Nuclear Physics (Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR); BUT "Soyuzvuzpribor" (Moscow); Karaganda Metallurgical Plant (Karaganda).

On the basis of the department was held a visiting session of the Scientific-methodical commission of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education, a member of which was Tynymbaev S.T.

Department of Computer Science has been a training center for computer experts for all of Central Asia and Southern Siberia, had the largest number of students in the USSR.

In this period the equipping department of computer technology and laboratory equipment. There is constant training of highly qualified personnel for the department and is formed by highly qualified teaching staff. Currently Tynymbaev S.T. a professor of the Department of Information Security.

In 1979, an associate professor in the department was adopted candidate of technical sciences J.S.Sarypbekov, after receiving the degree of Doctor of Technical Degree, he became a professor in 1983 as dean of the faculty led EVT. On his initiative, in 1993, and with the support of the vice-rector Asaubaev K.S. opened a new majors for Kazakhstan - "Protection and Security Information" (ZBI). In 1989 he opened the Kazakh groups of the majors "Computer Engineering", and in 1996 - in "Safety and security of information".

Later Department conducted training in the following majors: "Organization and Information Security Technology" and "Computers and Software" (directions "Protection and safety information" and "Computer systems and networks").

In the 1988-2011 years, the Department of "Computer Science" headed candidate of technical degree, professor A.S. Ermakov, 1969 graduate of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute Electronic computers.

During this period, opening up new specialty, staff of the Department developed the state compulsory education standards in the field of 37.06- "Protection and safety information" 5V070400- "Computers and Software" and 5V100200 - "Information Security".

2001-2002 years, the department headed Doctor of Technical Degree, Professor Kaziev G.Z. who is graduate of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute majoring in "Electronic Engineering".

2011-2014 The department was headed by Doctor of Pedagogical Degree, Professor G.D. Zhangisina.

From September 2014 was appointed Head of the Department, candidate of technical degree, associate professor N.A.Seilova.

Nowadays the Information security department conducts preparation on specialties of a bachelor degree of the 5v100200-information security system and magistracy of the 6m100200-information security system.

The Department formed the main research areas for the development of design methods and the creation of distributed computing systems, networks and databases; organization of information security; development of monitoring and access control, etc. In recent years the trend has started to develop on the methodological, organizational and certification aspects of information security technologies. The faculty of the department consists of highly qualified specialists - graduates of Russian Higher Education Institutions: Bauman, MEI (Moscow), LETI (Leningrad) and the Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I. Satpaev.

The noticeable contribution to business of preparation of a highly qualified scientific personnel was made by professor Sarypbekov Zh. S. and associate professors Pshenin E. S., Scanty A.P., Tazhibayev B. B. Include the contribution of professor Dzhuruntayev of Z., Akhmetov B. S., Tynymbayev S. T., Aytkhozhayeva E. Zh., Turym A. Sh., Ermakov A. S., assistant Seilova N. A. professors., Berdibayev R. Sh. and teachers of department graduates of the Kazakh national technical university named after K.I. Satpayeva.

This department trained professionals as heads of educational institutions and research organizations, heads of national agencies and committees.

The department actively cooperates with leading universities and scientific centers of the world: National aviation university, department of Safety of information technologies (Ukraine, Kiev), St. Petersburg national research university of information technologies, mechanics and optics (Russia, St. Petersburg), university Bielsko-Biala ATN (Academy technical and humanitarian, Poland) and others.

Cooperation with the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with Kaspersky Lab, with the companies "Tochpribor", "Falcongeyz", "Aknur Security", "SearchInform", "Check Point", "HalykKazteleport", "Galaxy", RSE "State technical service "(KZ-CERT)," Information Technology Center "," National Information Technologies ", etc., which are potential employers of specialty graduates.

The academic training is supported by the additional certified training in training courses of Network academy Cisco.


Purposes and tasks

In order to implement the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "The Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness", taking into account the approaches of the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy on Kazakhstan's entry into the list of the 30 most developed countries of the world, according to the Cybersecurity Concept ("Cybershield of Kazakhstan") " contribution to the development of the society of Kazakhstan through the training of specialists of the new generation for the protection and security of information by the mission of the Department of Information Security is the fulfillment of the main tasks that are divided into:

To contribute to the development of society through the preparation of Kazakhstan IT-specialists of the new generation mission of the Department of Information security is to perform tasks that focused on:

  1. Development of new and modernization of existing model curricula of higher education on a majors "Information Security" with the current requirements of the information and telecommunications industry with a focus on modular training;
  2. Preparation of Specialists on Masters Degree program, aimed at training researchers, developers and managers of high-tech industries with the necessary competencies in the field of economics, management, law;
  3. Active development of research activities involving bachelors and masters;
  4. Carrying out research work in the field of information security;
  5. Strengthening sought scientific and educational disciplines and future directions;
  6. Establish strong relationships with scientists from other universities in order to improve the quality of education, as well as to maintain a professional and cultural ties.


Mission and strategy

The mission of department – training of specialists (bachelors, masters) of the high level in the field of protection and safety of information.


Strategic direction of department:

  1. Education improvement of quality. Recognition of educational programs in the international accreditation agencies. Improvement of quality of the organizations of educational process, an educational methodological support of the higher and postgraduate education, control of knowledge and registration of educational achievements of the technologies of training studying by improvement;
  2. Research work. Integration of scientific and innovative activity of department. Cooperation with public authorities and production companies.
  3. Development of department. Increase in scientific and pedagogical potential of employees, for the purpose of staffing of processes of innovative development of department.
  4. Development of the human capital. The organization of the personnel management providing increase in the PPS professional level.
  5. Implementation of the cultural project "Trinity of Languages" with priority development of a state language.


The Department of Cybersecurity, Information Processing and Storage trains masters in two areas – profile and scientific and pedagogical.

7M06103 - Management of information systems

Academic degree: Master of Technical Sciences

Duration of training: 2 years (Scientific and pedagogical)

7M06108 - Management of information systems

Academic degree: Master of Engineering and Technology

Duration of training: 1.5 years (Profile direction)

7M06109 - Management of information systems

Academic degree: Master of Engineering and Technology

Duration of training: 1 year (Profile direction)

7M06104  Comprehensive information security (full form of study, 2g)

Academic degree: Master of Technical Sciences

Duration of training: 2 years (Scientific and pedagogical)

Comprehensive information security support (profile 1.5 g.)

Academic degree: Master of Engineering and Technology

Duration of training: 1.5 years (Profile direction)

7M06111 Integrated information security (profile 1 g.)

Academic degree: Master of Engineering and Technology

Duration of training: 1.5 years (Profile direction)

In the scientific and pedagogical direction, more hours are allocated for research work, for disciplines of the pedagogical direction, which allows you to continue studying after receiving a master's degree and enroll in a PhD. Also

The profile magistracy has an applied nature, all disciplines are aimed at deepening the professional training of specialists. The duration of training is 1-1.5 years (depending on the specialty).

At the end of the profile master's degree, there is an opportunity to receive an addition to the diploma "having earned" credits in pedagogy and other disciplines of the scientific and pedagogical cycle

The only program in Kazakhstan offering system knowledge and skills in the field of training specialists in the creation, design and development of information systems for various purposes.


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