Science Department

Satbayev University is the leading research technical University in the country. University has become a leading one in the field of scientific research due to active work with the real economy sector and government organizations. Research and innovation activities of the University are focused on fulfilling orders of state organizations through grant and program-targeted funding, as well as on close interaction with production. Laboratories and research staff of the University solve current problems of production within the framework of business affairs, research that contribute to production growth, its progress, and economic sustainability.

The Department of Science consists of the following divisions:


Office of Grant and Program-Target Projects

The activity of the Office is aimed at providing necessary conditions for implementing research projects carried out within the framework of scientific and technical programs and grants funded on a competitive basis from the budget of research operators, formation and administrative support, and monitoring the process of implementing the research topics. 


Contract Research Office

The office performs the functions of developing the technological partnership of Satbayev University with industrial enterprises. Office employees monitor and analyze global and domestic trends in advanced scientific fields, study the demand for scientific developments and services of University, come to enterprises with proposals for modernization of production processes, conduct negotiations and conclude contracts for funded research projects.

Satbayev University is constantly adapting its policy of interaction with production to modern realities. University scientists analyze critical problems of a particular production, discuss it within the University’s scientific community, mobilize the best forces to form their vision, offer solutions and present it at the scientific-technical Council of an industrial enterprise.

Since its foundation, Satbayev University has been actively cooperating working in close contact with production, solving current problems and creating high technologies for production.

Services of the contract research office:

  • Monitoring of specialized websites for state and commercial tenders, electronic auctions, and other procedures for purchasing works and services.
  • Informing SU researchers about the announced procurement of research works.
  • Organization of SU researchers’ meetings with representatives of industrial enterprises to cooperate to solve current production problems.
  • Coordinating the work of SU scientific departments and research teams to prepare proposals for solving technological problems of production.
  • Coordinating the work of scientific departments and research teams on the conclusion and execution of contractual works on the production order.
  • To assist in STR results promotion to markets.


Office of Commercialization and investment attraction

Satbayev University actively supports technological entrepreneurship based on University's innovation cluster. University has developed a system of project commercialization.

Office at Satbayev University promotes the transfer of University technologies, supports University scientists’ initiatives, and provides mentoring and expertise services to resident startups. In this way, Office contributes to entrepreneurial thinking growth and to implementing the entrepreneurial university model, helping to transform Satbayev University into the innovation center.

Main services of the Office

  • providing informational support to University employees and students;
  • concluding license agreements.


Office for the Development of Intellectual Property and Publication Activity

One of the main goals of the Satbayev University (SU) is to improve the quality of publication activity and citation of scientific works of the university staff as well as to increase the university's prominence in the world scientific community. The University has a Division for the Development of Intellectual Property and Publication Activity in order to achieve this aim.

The main tasks of the Division are:

- organization and control of the publication activity of SU, development of the publication activity of the University staff;

- contributing to the University's greater global standing in world rankings;

- organization and coordination of work on the scientific journal "Vestnik KazNRTU/SU", and promotion of the scientific journal in international databases;

- organization and control of work on the search for protectable scientific and technical developments, protection of intellectual property of the University.

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Office of Scientific Infrastructure Support

The division is engaged in the development and implementation of the policy of KazNRTU in the field of the formation of scientific infrastructure, aimed at the development of scientific-educational and innovative activities, focused on the needs of the market; technical support and planning of service maintenance of the equipment fleet, as well as analysis of the technical condition of the equipment fleet, identification of problems and the most promising and commercial areas of scientific infrastructure development for the market.

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