Laboratory "Chemical synthesis and oil production"

Chemical synthesis and oil production laboratory has equipment for determining the filtration and reservoir properties of rocks, as well as modeling the displacement of oil by water and chemical reagents.

The laboratory is working on selecting the optimal chemical methods for increasing oil production at deposits of Kazakhstan (polymer, surfactant, alkaline flooding), as well as work on determining the effectiveness of low-mineralized and Smart flooding. The laboratory is also fitted with equipment necessary for determining the effectiveness of gel-polymer treatment in wells (leveling the intake profile and limiting water flow).

Currently, the laboratory is working under "Comprehensive core research (standard and special analysis) and analysis of surface physical and chemical properties samples of oil, gas and water from # OC-257, # OC-258 and # OC-259 wells at ‘Airankol’ field" contract. The project is implemented based on JSC "Kaspi neft" decree together with "STRATUM KED" LLP. In Chemical synthesis and oil production laboratory, analyses are performed to simulate the displacement of oil due to chemical solutions, while the rest of the work is carried out in "STRATUM KED."

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