10 november 595

Call for applications to study at Tomsk Polytechnic University

International affairs division announces the acceptance of applications for the program "Mobility for students" in University Sains Malaysia (Malaysia) in the framework of the inter-University agreement for online study in the spring semester of 2020-2021 academic year for bachelor students of the folliowing educational programs:

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Chemical technologies
  • Information system
  • Electronics
  • Extraction of minerals
  • Materials science and technology of new materials
  • Engineering;
  • Physics and mathematics

Deadline: 17th November, 2020.

Program terms:

  • Form of study: online (distance)
  • Tuition fee: 3 free places

Offered courses

Required documents:

  • a certificate confirming knowledge of English language (IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo)
  • a completed excel file that includes such data as: full name, course, name and code of the specialty, full name of the Department and Institute, gender, email, phone number
  • a completed Learning Agreement (ATTACHED) that includes a list of eligible subjects in USM based on a comparison of subjects in SU. The agreement must be signed by the head of the Department.
  • a copy of a foreign passport or identity card;
  • official transcript issued by the Registrar's office of Satbayev University.

Please send the full package of documents to international_office@satbayev.university with the theme "documents for USM”. For all other questions, please contact the international cooperation Department:  +7 727 320 40 19.

Learning Agreement

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