28 december 1595

The Kazakhstani citizen became the winner of the international competition on logistics

The Kazakhstani citizen became the winner of the international competition on logistics    Young specialist Madi Kasabekov from Astana became the winner of regional stage of the international competition YIFFYA, which reveals out the best young professionals in the sphere of logistics, reports the correspondent of Tengrinews.kz.
    Having won at a stage from the region "Asia - Tihookeaniya", Kazakhstani citizen is now present the country at the World Congress of FIATA (International Federation Freight Forwarders Associations), which will be held in Taipei City from 8 to 13 September 2015. In the final, four representatives from each region (United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Zambia and Canada) will present the presentations following the results of which will be defined the best specialist in the sphere of logistics.
    Madi Kasabekov has learned about the competition approximately one year ago and decided to take part in it. It was necessary to write a work on the theme import and export transportation. In a basis of his dissertation laid the strategy of industrial-innovative development of the 2003-2015. "Я написал диссертацию про импортную перевозку воздухоразделительного завода в Темиртау. Расписал все нюансы, которые возникали при перевозке. Эта же компания начала диверсифицировать экономику Казахстана, они начали экспортировать аргон в Азербайджан. Я написал, что мы начали развивать другую часть экспорта, не только нефть и газ", - рассказал Касабеков.
    Отметим, что Мади Касабеков является выпускником КазНТУ имени Сатпаева, сейчас работает в транспортно-экспедиторской компании в Астане.

Almaty, 12.08.2015, tengrinews.kz, tengrinews.kz/kazakhstan_news/kazahstanets-stal-pobeditelem-mejdunarodnogo-konkursa-279144/

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