21 june 293

Zhautikov Farhat Bakhytovich

Announcements of protection of theses for a doctor's degree

Defense of doctoral thesis for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree of  Zhautikov Farkhat on the theme «Research and development of technology for two-stage steel-making processing for smelting, production, fine-tuning in a ladle furnace of a carbonaceous semi-finished product into steel» on specialty 6D070900 - «Metallurgy» will take place in Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev.

The dissertation paper has been prepared out at NPLC «Karaganda Industrial University».

The defense will be held in Russian.


1. Romanov V.I. - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor at «Karaganda Industrial University», Temirtau, Kazakhstan;

2. Babenko A.A. - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Chief Researcher of the Federal state budgetary institution of science, Institute of metallurgy, Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yekaterinburg, Russia.


1. Khomyakov A. – Candidate of Technical Sciences, The branch of  the Republican state enterprise «National center on complex processing of mineral raw materials of the Republic of Kazakhstan» state scientific production association of industrial ecology «Kazmekhanobr», «Technologies of electrochemical productions» Lab, Almaty, Kazakhstan (code of specialty: 05.16.02).

2. Koishina G.М. – PhD, Kazakh National Research Technical University named after
K.I. Satpayev, Almaty, Kazakhstan (code of specialty: 05.16.02).


The defense will take place on July 21, 2021 at 10:00am at the JSC "Institute of Metallurgy and Ore Beneficiation" of K. Satbayev KazNRTU, the conference-room, 29/133, Shevchenko str. and Valikhanov str. corner, Almaty, 050010, Republic of Kazakhstan



Website: https://official.satbayev.university/en/protection,

e-mail: farhat_zhautikov@mail.ru

Scientific secretary: c.t.s. Burabaeva N.M.

e-mail: Nuri_eng@mail.ru, Tel.: +7 (702) 294 77 71

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