Aina M. Nurzhanova

Aina M. Nurzhanova

Candidate of Historical Sciences


Institute of Project Management

Email: a.nurzhanova@satbayev.111

Professional biography

1990 - 1998 г. – teacher at K.I.Satbayev KazSTU

1998 - 2003 – senior lecturer at K.I.Satbayev KazSTU

2003 – 2016 - Assistent Professor at K.I.Satbayev KazSRTU

2017 – present time – Associate Professor at Satbayev University.


1985-1990 – Kirov S. KazSU – history teacher

2010-2012 – Saparbaev M. SKSI - law

Scientific projects

At this time a member of research project: Atyrau Arystary.

Scientific interests: History of Kazakhstan


Nurzhanova A. At the forefront of Kazakhstan's history// History of the Kazakh, No.1(140), 2017, Almaty.

Nurzhanova A. History of the Kazakhstan. Notebook. 2017, Almaty: K.I.Satbayev KazSRTU.

Nurzhanova A. Enforcement proceeding. Casual technology// Notebook. 2018, Astana.

Nurzhanova A. Bashkirs of Kazakhstan according to the census of the Russian Empire in 1897. History of the Kazakh, 2018, Almaty.

Nurzhanova A. Bashkirs Of Kazakhstan. Monograph// History of the Kazakh, 2016.