Akhmetov Daniyar Akbulatovich

Akhmetov Daniyar Akbulatovich

Doctor of technical sciences

Associate Professor

Head of Department

Institute of Architecture and civil engineering

Email: d.a.akhmetov@satbayev.111


Professional biography

1) dec. 1999-May 2003. Specialist, chief specialist Fin.department, Shymkent

2) sept. 2003-Sep. 2005. Deputy.Chairman of the Board of KazATK JSC, Almaty

3) sept. 2005-Apr. 2007. Vice-President of JSC Yrysty-AEVRZ, Almaty

4) sept. 2007-Dec. 2008. Deputy.Director of the Institute of Advanced Training of KazATK JSC, Almaty

5) dec. 2008-Sep. 2011. Director of SANT LLP-new technologies, Almaty

6) sept. 2011-Dec. 2015. Acting Professor of D.Kunaev GUTIP, Almaty

7) dec. 2015-Nov. 2021. General Director of NIISTROMPROEKT LLP, Almaty 

8) Nov. 2021-Aug. 2022. Associate Professor-Associate Professor COURSE, Almaty

9) Aug. 2022- present. Head of the Department "Construction and Building Materials", T.K. Basenov Institute of Architecture and Construction, Satbayev University.


1) 1998 - M.Auezov SKSU, Specialty: civil engineer-technologist (production of building materials, products and structures)

2) 2002 - Korkyt-ata KSU, Specialty: economist-accountant Master's degree

3) 2000 - M.Auezov SKSU, Master of Construction (specialization: production of building products and structures)


Scientific projects

№AR 08857436 "Comprehensive assessment of the physical, mechanical and operational characteristics of fibro-reinforced self-compacting concrete, improvement of operational durability and lii by mathematical modeling".


1. Akhmetov, D., Akhazhanov, S., Jetpisbayeva, A., Utepov, Y., Akhmetov, A. Effect of low-modulus polypropylene fiber on physical and mechanical properties of self-compacting concrete. "Case Studies in Construction Materials" Volume 16, June 2022, Article number e00814


2. Akhmetov, D.; Aniskin, A.; Utepov, Y.; Root, Y.; Kozina, G. Determination of optimal fibre reinforcement parameters for self-compacting concretes. "Tehnicki Vjesnik". Volume 27, Issue 6, 2020, Pages 1982-1989


3. Utepov, Y.; Akhmetov, D.; Akhmatshaeva, I. Effect of fine fillers from industrial waste and various chemical additives on the placeability of self-compacting concrete. "Computers and Concrete". Volume 25, Issue 1, 2020, Pages 59-65


4. Akhmetov Daniyar Akbulatovich, Root Elena Nikolaevna. Experience in the use of self-compacting concrete in the construction industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A young scientist. — 2017. — № 48 (182). — Pp. 11-14.