Anastassiya Migunova A

Anastassiya Migunova A

Master of Technical Sciences


Institute of Metallurgy and Industrial Engineering

Department of Engineering Physics

Email: a.migunova@satbayev.111


Professional biography

Professional experience:  Seniority of work is 26 years

2012- 2019  Department of Solid State Physics and Nonlinear Physics of the al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Senior teacher

2011-2012 National Nanotechnology Laboratory of the KazNU, Senior Researcher

2009–2010  “Technology Commercialization Project” in Republic of Kazakhstan (RK), Ministry of Education and sciences (МES), Grant manager

2007–2009  Scientific Research Institute of Experimental and Theoretical Physics (SRIETP),  Senior researcher

2002–2006  Analytical center, Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP) of the National Nuclear Center (NNC) of RK,  Research worker,   Head of group x-ray diffractometry

2000–2002  Laboratory of radiating physics of a solid state, INP of NNC,  Younger scientific employee

1996–2000  Laboratory of micro-  and optoelectronics, Scientific Research Institute of Experimental and Theoretical Physics (SRIETP), Younger scientific employee

1991–1996 Laboratory of microgravitation and space science of materials, Institute of Space Researches (ISR),  Laboratorian, since 1995 I was the engineer

Scientific projects

1 Antoshchenko V.S., Migunova A.A., Frantsev Yu.V., Lavrishchev O.A., Antoshchenko E.V. Method for the synthesis of a film of copper oxide (I) - Patent No. 100934 dated 07.15.2016

2 Antoshchenko V.S., Migunova A.A., Frantsev Yu.V., Lavrishchev O.A., Antoshchenko E.V. Method for producing a CuO film - Patent No. 100955 of 07.29.2016


Tuleushev Yu. Zh., Volodin V. N., Migunova A. A., Lisitsyn V. N. Cadmium telluride in tellurium—cadmium films consisting of ultradispersed particles// Technical Physics. – 2015. – V. 60, # 8. –P. 1171-1175 URL:

Mashentseva A., Borgekov D., Kislitsin S., Zdorovets M., Migunova A. Comparative catalytic activity of PET track-etched membranes with embedded silver and gold nanotubes// Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A. – 2015. – V. 365. – P. 70-74  Impact Factor 1.165  


Tuleushev Yu. Zh., Volodin V. N., Zhakanbaev E. A., Lisitsin V. N., Migunova A. A., Suleymenova A. S. Technology of Porous Tantalum Production // World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering. – 2016. – V. 6. – P. 51-57 Impact Factor 1.32


Volodin V. N., Tuleushev Y. Zh., Zhakanbaev E. A., Migunova A. A., Nicenko A. B. Some physical properties of the new intermetallic compound NbCd2// Semiconductors. – 2019. – V. 53, N8. – P. 1028-1032 DOI: 10.1134/S1063782619080219


Migunova A.A. Condensed Matter Physics. - Almaty: "Kazakh University". - 2018 . - 287 p.


al-Farabi Kazakh National University, 2019 – master,

al-Farabi Kazakh National University, 1997, qualification in diploma – physicist

Additional education

16.03–30.04.2001  2nd Winter school-seminar "Methods modern neutronography and synchrotron sources" (JINR, Dubna)

12–19.01.2003  The educational center of Bruker AXS GmbН at the course "X-ray diffractometer analysis on a universal   complex D8 ADVANCE" (Karlsruhe, Germany)

5-7.11.2016  Scientific Grantsmanship & Proposal-Writing Workshop Series (CRDF, Аlmaty)

6-27.04.2011  Internship under the USAID Community Connections program, the Small Business Development through New Technologies and Innovations project in the Research Triangle of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina (USA), and in Washington