Bekbayev Amangeldy

Bekbayev Amangeldy

Doctor of technical sciences



Institute of Energy and Mechanical Engineering

Department of Power Engineering

Email: a.bekbayev@satbayev.111


Professional biography

Scientist, teacher with experience of over 35 years. Conducts research projects in the field of innovative energy technologies. He has 20 patents for innovative developments. The author of hundreds of scientific papers, 3 study guides. Has a Hirsch index - 2. He was awarded the medal "Excellent worker of non-ferrous metallurgy of the USSR", the medal for achievements in the development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the jubilee medal "To the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan."

1973-1980 M.S., S.S. IMO AN KazSSR

1980-2002 Head Chair, Dean, Vice-Rector at Almaty Technological University

In 1990, he received the academic title of professor by decision of the Higher Attestation Commission.

In 1994 he defended his doctoral dissertation.

2003-2016 professor and head of department at Satbayev University

From 2016 to the present, he is a professor at the Department of Power Engineering.


1.1962-1968 - Donetsk Polytechnic Institute

Specialty - "Electrical Engineer".

Diploma - C No. 924814

2 1970-1973 - IMO AN KazSSR (graduate school)

Qualification - Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Scientific projects

Conducts research in the following areas:

- Improving converters of renewable energy sources into electrical energy;

- Temperature control of current-carrying and contact surfaces of elements of electrical equipment of technological complexes.


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2. Titkov, V.V., Bekbayev, A.B., Munsyzbai, T.M., Shakenov, K.B. Construction of autonomous buildings with wind power plants. Magazine of Civil Engineering. Vol.80(4), 2018. 171-180 p.

3. Tokenov, N., Dzhamanbayev, M., Bekbayev, A., Eskendirova, D., Baimuratov, O. Mathematical model for calculating aerodynamic characteristics of overhead transmission lines. Applied Mechanics and Materials. 610, 2014. 52-59 p.

4. Sadyrbayev, S.A., Bekbayev, A.B., Zhumayev, A.K., Yertayev, D.A., Ybyraiymkul, D.T. Design and research of mirror augmented photovoltaics in condition of town almaty World Applied Sciences Journal. Vol. 31(1), 2014. 128-132 p.

5. Sadyrbayev, S.A., Bekbayev, A.B., Orynbayev, S., Kaliyev, Z.Z. Design and research of dual-axis solar tracking system in condition of town Almaty Middle East Journal of Scientific Research. Vol.17(12), 2013. 1747-1751 p.