Berillo Dmitry Alexandrovich

Berillo Dmitry Alexandrovich


Associate Professor

Geology and Oil-gas Business Institute named after K. Turyssov

Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Email: d.berillo@satbayev.111


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Professional biography

Dr. Berillo Dmitry Alexandrovich is Ass.Prof. at the Department of chemistry and biochemical engineering, Institute of Chemical and Biological Technologies (IHBT), Satbayev University Almaty 050013, Kazakhstan. Recently he involved in research mobility of 3 months (September-December, 2022) in the framework of the “Santé Kazakhstan-Ouzbekistan" individual fellowship program in the Center for Materials Forming (CEMEF) of Mines Paris (France). The title of the research project is “Development of functionalized biobased cryogels and aerogels using noncovalent interactions”. The overall objectives of the mobility include exchange of knowledge in the area of drug delivery system and polymer chemistry. From october 2021 until January 2023 he held a position Deputy Head of the Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Medicine after B.A. Atchabarova. From October 2019 till October 2021 he had been  head of the Department of pharmaceutical and Toxicological chemistry, pharmacognosy and botany at School of Pharmacy KazMNU. He has a research and teaching experience of 13 years, as well as has more than 40 scientific publications in international journals with an impact factor, the H- index-19  

He has performed the teaching load of the department, taught the academic disciplines in Russian and English: pharmaceutical chemistry, general methods of industrial synthesis, chemistry and technology of synthetic medicinal substances. He acquired fundamental knowledge in the field of organic synthesis of pharmaceutically active compounds. In total, he synthesized and described in detail more than 100 new potentially pharmacologically active compounds, and for some of them, metered-dose drug delivery systems were developed(co-author of 9 patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan). From 2010 to the present his main research focus has been the development of various macroporous materials that can be successfully applied to various tasks of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. He has extensive experience in the development of cryogels based on various synthetic and natural polymers, which will be an excellent basis for solving various problems of regenerative medicine, including the restoration of intervertebral disc tissue. Internships in leading research groups: biomaterials and biosensors, Lund University (Sweden, 2010-2012)  and Capsenze HB biosensors for early diagnosis of diseases including HIV and heart disease (2012-2014, Sweden), University of Brighton (2016-2018, UK) work related to Microbiology and biomaterials  and Aarhus University (2018-2019, Denmark) work related to Microbiology and biosensors and self-healing concrete with microorganisms . These internships gave Dr Berillo a fundamental understanding of radical, photo-and electro-polymerization for creating biomaterials, as well as additional experimental knowledge and experience in Microbiology and biochemistry. From January 2015 to September 2016, he worked as a senior researcher at the laboratory of Biosensors and bio-Tools, national Laboratory Astana, Center for Science and Life, Nazarbayev University (Astana). Dr. Berillo's research was devoted to the creation of modern methods for rapid and effective diagnosis of tuberculosis and various types of cancer.

Dr. Berillo has experience in successfully managing projects "Microencapsulation of probiotics in polysaccharide matrices for the development of functional foods based on Mare's milk" 2018-2020 MES RK (co-Director); "Impedance biosensor for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2015-2017" MES RK (co-Director). "Development of a flow bioreactor based on 3D-structured bacteria for biodegradation of aromatic chlorine derivatives in polluted water" " Immobilized noble metal nanoparticles as an effective flow catalyst”British Council Newton - al-Farabi Partnership program 2015 (head).

In the field of scientific interests of others. Berillo includes a synthesis of the farm. drugs, peptides and their derivatives, incentive-based hydrogels, hydrogels with metered drug delivery, and macroporous biocompatible and biodegradable materials. Recent work by others. Berillo and co-authors studied the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells derived from mouse bone marrow into osteoblasts within a new biocompatible framework with immobilized growth factor. Additional to the current research is the creation of highly effective dressings with plant extracts for the treatment of chronic wounds.  

Currently Dr. Dmitriy A. Berillo is  Guest Editor of the Processes(IF: 3.352) Special Issue: New Sights into Porous Organic Polymers ,  and Frontiers in Chemistry (5.545) "Extractable biologically active compounds from plants".  Previously he served as Guest Editor of the Special Issue "Advances in Cryogels" Journal Gels)

Scientific research of Berillo D. A. received international recognition.

According to the results of the report of the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (NAAR) in 2020, he entered the top 10 in the list of the 50 best scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The rating of University teachers "TOP-50" is formed by quality indicators made by universities according to the key parameters of indicators for evaluating the competitiveness of BA and PhD educational programs.  page 23  Winner of the "Best Teacher 2020" award of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. "The best scientific researcher in medicine" of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2021. The winner of the project "BEST IN EDUCATION - 2021" among the best specialists in education was awarded the medal "Best teacher 2021" for his contribution to the development of education and a diploma of the first degree organized by the "National organisation "Bobek"

 In 2018, the IUPAC organization Berillo D. A. entered the 100 best young chemists in the world

In 2016-2018, the winner of the prestigious individual European Grant of Marie Curie (Curie Individual Fellowship 2016-2018)  

Winner of the gold medal from WIPO (World intellectual property organization in the "youngest inventor" category (Almaty-Geneva 2010).

Awards for the best oral presentations at international conferences:

1) ICEWW 2017 19th International Conference on Environment, Water and Wetlands  May 2017 (Montreal, Canada);

2) European Advanced Materials Congress Stockholm, Sweden, August – 2018

3) 7th International Conference on Advances in Skin, Wound Care and Tissue Science, Sept, 2019 Copenhagen, Denmark.


2007-2010 Doctorate in chemical sciences (GPA 3.87) Dept of organic chemistry and chemistry of natural compounds,Kazakh National University al-Farabi (KazNU), Almaty, KZ.

2005-2007 Master's Degree in chemical sciences (GPA 3.95) KazNU Al-Farabi, Almaty, KZ

2001-2005 Bachelor's Degree in chemical sciences (GPA 4.0) KazNU Al-Farabi, Almaty, KZ

2021 Professional retraining diploma of additional education «Industrial Pharmacy in the field of production of drugs» online course 550h Modern Scientific Technical academy, Moscow Russia                                                                                 

2021 Certificate of additional education by “Toxicological Chemistry” online course 144h  LLP” Academy of pedagogical Education” Moscow Russia     


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Potential research studies of doctoral students

Khamitova A.E. «Synthesis of new pharmaceutical substances based on nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds» Department of Pharmaceutical and Toxicological chemistry,  Pharmacognosy and botany School of Pharmacy at Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University  2020- present

Kadyrgaliev Baurzhan. Educational program, "Medicine " "Development of a medical device for the treatment of macular edema in age-related macular degeneration" Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University 2021-2024

Ermuhametova Asel. Educational program, Pharm technology “Development and research of macroporous enterosorbents for biomedical purposes” School of Pharmacy at Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University 2022- 2025.

If you are inspired, self-motivated and interested to do the cutting edge research in following fields of science: drug delivery, biomaterials, enterosorbents or adsorbents for water purification using MOFs and other metaloorganic frameworks, microbiology, analytical chemistry please contact me.  #ZhasGalym #research #science #biomaterials #pharmacy #3Dprinting #plastic #polymers #nanotechnologies #nanoparticles