Elmira Kuldeeva

Elmira Kuldeeva


Senior Lecturer

Geology and Oil-gas Business Institute named after K. Turyssov

Department of "Hydrogeology, Engineering and Oil and Gas Geology"

Email: e.kuldeyeva@satbayev.111

Professional biography

Elmira kuldeeva Has more than 10 years of experience. Since 2017, he has been a lecturer at the Department of "Department of Hydrogeology, engineering and Oil and Gas Geology", conducts classes as a lecturer, develops guidelines and exam tickets for the disciplines "Hydrogeology and engineering Geology", "Hydrogeochemistry", "Reclamation hydrogeology" and "Regional hydrogeology and engineering Geology". Passed the classification upgrade in the United States. state of Colorado. Denver. Colorado School of mines, Chevron internship program, 2010. Canada, g. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan University, passing a scientific internship in the framework of the doctoral program, 2014. Republic of Latvia, Riga, University of Latvia, passing a scientific internship in mathematical geofiltration modeling, March-April 2015.;


Satbayev University, Department of Hydrogeology, engineering and Oil and Gas Geology, Almaty 2012-2015 "Hydrogeology and engineering Geology", PhD


Research of conditions and prospects for the use of electromagnetic profiling in monitoring the level regime of groundwater and salt regime of soils on irrigated lands. Geophysics 2018Engineering and Mining

Research Results of a Complex Reagent for Wastewater Purification from Hydrogen Sulfid

Study of peculiarities of hydrochemical mode of surface waters in conjunction with ground waters at a time and in boundary conditions of physical model of infiltration basin (on the example of Karatal area of experimental researches of artificial waterspreading in South East Kazakhstan)

Potential research studies of doctoral students

Features of exploration and assessment of exploitable groundwater reserves