Firuza K Batessova

Firuza K Batessova

Candidate of technical sciences

Associate Professor

Institute of Architecture and civil engineering

Department of Engineering Systems and Networks

Email: f.batessova@satbayev.111


Professional biography

Scientific and pedagogical experience from teaching assistant to associate Professor-17 years. During this period, a textbook "Chemistry of waste, industrial sanitation and occupational health" the sole benefit and co-authored "Химия қалдықтары, өндірістік санитария және еңбек гигиенасы", published about 40 scientific papers and 20 teaching developments, have 2 patents. Academician of the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology and life Safety (MANEB). She was awarded the honorary diploma of the rector of Satbayev University.


1995 - 2000

Taraz State University named after M.Kh.Dulati

Specialty of engineer-designer

2003 - 2006

KazNRTU named after K.I. Satbayev

Defended her Candidate's dissertation in specialty 05.26.01 - "labor Protection" on the topic "Research of industrial noise and development of damping alloys for the manufacture of mining equipment parts" in the dissertation Council D53. 03. 07 at the Institute of mining named after D.A. Kunaev. Awarded the degree of candidate of technical Sciences

2014 - 2014

Academician of the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology and Safety

Scientific projects

Study of the acoustic properties of damping steels for parts of mining equipment


1. Batessova F.K., Mynbayeva D.N., Batesov E.A. Integrated management systems in the field of labor protection on the example of LLP ENGINEERING COMPANY KAZGIPRONEFTRETRANS  

2. Omirbay, R.S., Malgazhdarova, M.K., Batesova, F.K., Shevtsova, V.S. -Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan «occupational health and safety management systems» and analysis of traumatism and occupational (job-related) diseases at the enterprises/ACM International Conference Proceeding Series14 September 2020, Номер статьи 34107516th International Conference on Engineering and MIS, ICEMIS 2020; International Information Technology University (IITU)Manas Street 34/1Almaty; Kazakhstan; 14 September 2020 до 16 September 2020;

3. Batessova F.K. Omirbay R.S. « Research of microstructure and acoustic properties of structural steels in order to improve safe work conditions» / Вестник КазАТК № 2 (113), 2020, С.73-81

Potential research studies of doctoral students

Study of foreign experience in the field of production and consumption waste management and development of safe waste processing technology