Junisov Auezkhan

Junisov Auezkhan

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Assistant professor

Associate Professor

Institute of Automation and Information Technologies

Department of "Higher Mathematics and Modeling"

Email: a.junissov@satbayev.111

Professional biography

1. 1970-1977. Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Kazakh State University S.M. Kirova

2 1977-1980. Graduate student of Kazakh State University. S.M. Kirova

3. 1981-1998. Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, KazPTI

4. 1998-2003. Associate Professor, Department of Natural Sciences. Civil Aviation Academy

5. 2003-2016. Associate Professor of the Department of Mathematics of KazNTU named after K.I.Satpayev

6. From 2016 - to the present Associate Professor (Associate Professor) of the Department of Mathematics, KazNRTU named after K.I.Satpaeva


Novosibirsk State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, 1970 Specialty: Mathematics Qualification: Mathematician


1. Sakabekov A., Auzhani E., Dzhunisov A. Approximation of Maxwell's microscopic boundary condition in the case of the three-dimensional Boltzmann equation // Scientific conference of mathematicians of Kazakhstan "Actual problems of mathematics". - Turkestan, 2018 .-- 4p. Bulletin of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after HA. Yasawi, series of mathematics, physics, computer science special issue based on the materials of the conference of mathematicians of Kazakhstan "Actual problems of Mathematics", No. 1 (4), 2018, Turkestan

2. Dzhunisov A.T., Eldesbay T.Zh., Keltenova R.T., Maulenov A.O. SPECTRAL FORMULATION OF THE INVERSE PROBLEM FOR A DEGENERATING PSEUDOPARABOLIC EQUATION. International Scientific Conference «Global Science and innovations V» Gdansk, Poland, February 10, 2019., page. 318-323