Kussekenova Gulzhikhan Zhussupovna

Kussekenova Gulzhikhan Zhussupovna

Master of science


School of General Education after A. Mashani

English Language

Email: g.kussekenova@satbayev.111

Professional biography

I obtained a Master of Arts degree in Queen Mary University of London (England, 2014-2015). I am a graduate of Bolashak program and have 4 years of experience in teaching English.

After finishing my training practice at a boarding school for gifted children named after Saken Seifullin, I worked as a teacher of English in secondary schools in Uralsk. In 2013 I left for London to take English Language course for Academic Purposes at UCL Centre for Languages and International Education. After postgraduate study I got a position of English language teacher at Nazarbayev Intellectual School of chemistry and biology in Almaty. Currently, I am a Lecturer of English language at Satbayev University.

Scientific projects

Linguistics; Language acquisition; Language and thought interconnection, “How our thoughts are shaped by our language”.


2006-2010  - West Kazakhstan State University by Makhambet Utemissov. Foreign Languages faculty. Bachelor degree of Education. Specialty: 050119 «Foreign languages: two foreign languages. 

2014-2015 -  Queen Mary University of London. Master of Arts. Specialty: Applied Linguistics for English Language Teaching.