Maiorov  Sergey

Maiorov Sergey

Candidate of Architecture

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Institute of Architecture and Construction


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Professional biography

Maiorov S. M. is a candidate of architecture, has experience (over 12 years) as a Professor of "architecture of residential and public buildings" AIAC, associate Professor, "Architecture" Concresco University (Republic of Guinea for 6 years.), experience in project work with French and German firms, as well as with design organizations in Kazakhstan, has scientific publications.

From March 1980 to January 1992. Maiorov worked as a lecturer, then as a senior researcher at the Alma-Ata architectural and construction Institute at the Department of "Architecture of residential and public buildings".

From March 1992 to August 1995 Maiorov S. M. worked in the Kazakh state architectural and construction Academy as an associate Professor of the Department "Architecture of residential and public buildings". Since September 2010, Maiorov S. M. is an associate Professor of the Department of Architecture and design at the Satbayev University.

Since September 2016, he has been working as an associate Professor of the Department of "Architecture" in Satbayev University


Candidate of architecture, Moscow architectural Institute, Department of "Architecture of agricultural and industrial complexes", Moscow, 1979.

Architect, Kazakh Polytechnic Institute named after V. I. Lenin, faculty of Architecture, Alma-Ata, 1974.

Scientific projects

1.    Diploma project on the theme "Recreational complex in the area of the Charyn canyon" (author M. Beysenbinova, head Majorov Sm). I degree diploma at the international competition of diploma projects in St. Petersburg, 2016)

2.    Winning architectural competitions (together with Bazire Designt Group)

3.    The building of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana. Certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright

4.    Residential area in the structure of EXPO in Astana

5.    Ballet theater in Almaty

6.    Residential group "Remizovka" in Almaty

7.    Residential group in Almaty (Seyfullin prospect Park in Park, at the intersection of al-Farabi Avenue)

8.    Diplomatic town with a reception house and two villas (President and Prime Minister) in Astana

9.    Victory in the VIII International scientific and practical conference "Fundamental research: theoretical and practical aspects", Shelter in the steppe-another energy. (co-author Tsoi V. G.). Russia, Kuzbass, Kemerovo, September 2018

10.    Within the framework of the professional development program, in the period from 2016 to 2019, a number of trips were made to Europe and North Africa to get acquainted with the work of famous architects and problems of education of the architectural environment (Morocco, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Austria) through the "Bazire Design Group" as an adviser on architecture.


1.    Maiorov S. M., Visirjakina N. D. Solar panels as part of the architecture of the building. Journal "Search".  No. 2(1)/ 2016. – Almaty.: "Higher school of Kazakhstan", 2016. - Pp. 97-101.

2.    Maiorov S. M has a value of // the Esquire Magazine. Kazakhstan. - 2016-No. 3 (88). - Pp. 46-49.

3.    Certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright, entry in the register No. 1551 dated July 31, 2015 – "Sketch (architectural) project" Building of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana.

4.    Maiorov S. M., Karipbekov R. B. Features of improvement of types of mass housing for large cities of Kazakhstan (on the example of the city of Almaty). - Proceedings of the International scientific and practical conference "Architecture and construction in the context of global integration" (Almaty, may 29 – 30, 2015). - Almaty: KazNTU, 2015, p. 63-65.

5.    Maiorov S. M., Tsoi V. G. Green architecture of Kazakhstan: theory and reality. Proceedings of the International forum "Engineering education and science in the XXI century: problems and prospects", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of KazNTU named after K. I. Satpayev. - Almaty: KazNTU 2014, Volume III-pp. 220-224.

6.    Bespaeva N. Yu., Maiorov S. M., Tsoi V. G. Development of the concept of green architecture in Kazakhstan-global energy-ecological strategy. - Actual problems of the big city: architectural theory and practice. Materials of the international scientific and practical conference. - Almaty, 2013, p. 161-165.

Potential research studies of doctoral students

The theory of shaping of buildings and structures and their interiors

Architectural design of buildings and structures