Starkov Andrey

Starkov Andrey

Senior Lecturer

Institute of Architecture and civil engineering

Architecture Department

Email: a.starkov@satbayev.111

Professional biography

1979-1982, architect of ZIO, Department of the Chief Architect, Podolsk, M.O.                 1983-1987, Senior Architect Design Institute "Gipromyaso", Moscow branch 1987-1988, Head of the group Design Institute "Soyuzgiprosovkhozvodstroy" of the Ministry of Water Management of the USSR, Alma-Ata; 1989-1991, Chief Architect of projects of "Archfond" LLP at the Union of Architects of Kazakhstan; 1992-1999, Lecturer of the Department "Design" Kazakh State Academy of Architecture and Construction 2000 to the present. time, Chief architect of projects Project Bureau "Starkov ARCHPRO" 2022 to present. time, Senior lecturer of the Department of "Architecture" of KazNTU named after K.I. Satpayev


1979 - Novosibirsk Kuibyshev Institute of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Architecture