Toktarov Ayan

Toktarov Ayan


Associate Professor

Mining and Metallurgical Institute named after O.A. Baikonurov

Department of Surveying and Geodesy

Email: a.toktarov@satbayev.111


Professional biography

2011-2012. Mine surveyor. Don mining and processing plant, underground mine "10 years of Independence of Kazakhstan" (Khromtau):

Member of the personnel reserve program of the company's engineering and technical staff. Served the following sections: mining and preparatory works, extraction works, repair and restoration works. Providing full surveying control of the entrusted areas.

2014-2016. Mining engineer, surveyor, shift master. LLP "Aktobe plant of non-metallic materials" (Aktobe):

Monitoring the state of face and providing technology with rock mass. Surveying support of production at three quarries: limestone quarry Aktasty, Sholaksay quarry of sand, Georgievskiy quarry of sand-gravel mixture.

2015-2016. Open pit mine surveyor. Don mining and processing plant, Donskoy Mine, Yuzhny quarry (Khromtau):

Surveying support of the quarry, planning of mining operations.

2013-2017. Engineer of the laboratory of Integrated subsoil development. The branch of RSE «NCCPM RM RK» Mining Institute after D.A.Kunayev" (Almaty):

Participation in fundamental research works on state grant financing. The research topic is "Development of methods and new options for resource-filling technology of repeated underground mining with rational and complex development of natural and man-made reserves from the subsoil".

Since 2016. Lecturer of the Department of "Surveying and Geodesy", Satbayev University (Almaty):

Provided disciplines: Surveying and geodetic instruments, Surveying drawing, Surveying of underground development systems, General course of surveying, Surveying of open mining, Mine construction surveying, Surveying in the construction of tunnels.

Since 2018. Mining engineer-designer in a Design & Consulting company (part-time) (Almaty).

Internship at the Institute for integrated subsoil development of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPCON RAS).

Internship at Istanbul University at the Department of Mining (Turkey, Istanbul).

The winner (I place) of the VI stage of the Second all-Russian championship for solving cases in the field of Mining (Almaty).

Reaching the final and V place in the Second all-Russian championship for solving cases in the field of Mining (Moscow).


2007-2011 Kazakh National Technical University after K.I.Satbayev, Almaty

Bachelor, Mining and Metallurgical Institute, Survey and Geodesy Department (Mining engineer-surveyor)

2012-2014 Kazakh national Research Technical University after K.I.Satbayev, Almaty

Master of technical Sciences, Mining and Metallurgical Institute, Mining Department.

The theme of dissertation research is "Accounting and rationing of losses and dilution in the sub-level self-collapse system in the conditions of the Kempirsay chromite deposit".

2016-2019 Satbayev University

PhD, Mining and Metallurgical Institute, Mining Department.

The theme of dissertation research «Mining transport systems development in iron-ore quarries depending on rate of progress in depth»

Scientific projects

"Improvement of rationing of opened, prepared and ready for extraction ore reserves in the development of mineral deposits" in the framework of the program 2018/BR05235618" Modernization of technologies and production in the mining industries of the Republic of Kazakhstan»


1) Optimization of position of the cyclical-and-continuous method complexes when cleaning-up the deep iron ore quarries

2) Underground mine planning with regard to preparedness of mineral reserves

3) Management reserves of mining operations mode in open pit mining of steeply dipping mineral occurrences

4) Provision of possibility of constructing conveyor hoist in a stationary position during developemnt of a working zone on steep pit edges of an open-pit mine

5) Perspective working off technology of ore reserves on Kazakhstan mines with a self-collapse system