Tolen Gulzhaina

Tolen Gulzhaina

Master of Technical Sciences

Senior Lecturer

Institute of Automation and Information Technologies

Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Space Technologies

Email: g.tolen@satbayev.111


2010-2014 - Almaty University of Power Engineering and Communications, Faculty of Radio Engineering and Communications, kaf. NPP,Bachelor of specialty 5B071900-Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications,diploma with honors.

 2014- 2016 -Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, RTF, kaf. RZI  Master of Technical Sciences in the field of training 11.04.01 Radio Engineering, diploma with honors.

2019 - Entered the doctoral program of Satbayev University in the direction of 8D06201 Telecommunications. Currently, he is a 1st-year doctoral student.


Tolen G. A diode model taking into account the diffusion current delay // Dokl. Vol. of the State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics. - 2016. - No. 1, part 1; Tolen G. Errors of the quasi-static diode model under video pulsed exposure // Bulletin of Kazntu. – 2018. – №1.

Tolen G. Investigation of a quasi-static measurement method for short pulses. // Docl. Satpayev readings. - 2018. - No. 1, part 1. Tolen G. Extraction of the parameters of the MUR460 diode according to the characteristics measured using the quasi-static method// Dokl. Satpayev readings. - 2018. - No. 1, part 1. Tolen G. Extraction of diode parameters based on the characteristics obtained by the quasi-static method //KAZIITU Scientific and Educational Complex, International Scientific and Practical Conference "Engineering Science, Youth and Space as factors of innovative development based on international cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia", Uralsk, April 12-13, 2019 Professional development Thomson Reuters resources for Scientific Research