Toregali Nargiza

Toregali Nargiza

Master of science in economics


School of transport engineering and logistics named after M. Tynyshpayev

Logistics direction

Email: n.toregali@satbayev.111

Professional biography

In 2020, she graduated with honors from the Satbayev University specialty " Vocational training”

Since 2020, on September 1, she worked as an engineer at the Department of "Technological machines, transport and logistics»

From 2020 to the present I work as the chief Manager of the Directorate of the Institute of metallurgy and industrial engineering Satbayev University

From September 1, 2022 to the present, he has been working as a chief manager and assistant at the Logistics Department of Satbayev University


2016-2020, Satbayev University, specialty: "Vocational training”

2020-2022, Moscow University "international Academy of business and management", specialty: Management