Usipbekov Erlan Esenbekovich

Usipbekov Erlan Esenbekovich

Candidate of technical sciences

Senior Lecturer

Institute of Architecture and civil engineering

Department of Construction and Building materials

Email: y.ussipbekov@satbayev.111

Professional biography

1) Aug 1992-Apr 2002 - senior lecturer of the Department "Woodworking Technology", Director of the "Institute of Continuing Education" at KAZGAS, Acting Head of the Department "Woodworking Technology and Chemistry" Kazakh State Academy of Architecture and Construction

2) Apr.2002-Sep 2004 - Acting Director of Production of Kazakhstan Kagazy LLP

3) September 2004 - June 2006 - Director of production of "School furniture" LLP

4) June 2006 – November 2007 - Project Manager of "Elitstroy Development" LLP

5) September 2008 – March 2010 - Chief Specialist of "KazCommerceEngineering" LLP

6) Oct 2010 –Apr 2014 - Head of the Construction Projects Department of JSC Zhilstroysberbank

7) Aug 2014 –Dec 2016 - Deputy Project Coordinator (Deputy Director) Khantau Cement Plant LLP.

8) July 2017 –July 2018 - Construction Director of "Food Solutions KZ" LLP

9) Nov 2018 – Oct 2021 - beginning infrastructure construction department  Directorate for the Construction of Telecommunications and Infrastructure Facilities – branch of Kazakhtelecom JSC

10) Dec 2021 – May 2022 - Project Manager of Archipelago LLP


1) 1992 - AASI, process engineer (specialization:  woodworking technology)

2) 1998 – KAZGAS, Candidate of Technical Sciences (specialization: production of building materials, products and structures).


1) "Light slag-alkaline concretes on organic aggregates". Complex use of mineral raw materials for the production of building materials, intercollegiate collection of scientific papers, 1997. Khrulev V.M., Usypbekov E.E.

2) "On the method of A.A. Akchabaev for the refinement of arbolite filler". Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1996, No. 3. Usypbekov E.E.

3) "Concrete with organic and mineral fillers for floor coverings and thermal insulation". Collection of abstracts of scientific and technical conference reports, 1996, Inozemtseva S.A., Usypbekov E.E., Nigmetov Zh.N., Khasanov R.Sh.

4) "Technology of light concrete on wood aggregate for walls of low-rise buildings and monolithic thermal insulation". Economy of fuel and energy resources in the technology of building materials, products and structures, intercollegiate collection of scientific papers, 1995 Khrulev V.M., Usypbekov E.E., Zhaysanbayev O.B.

5) "Light wood concretes on slag-alkali binder". Materials, technologies, organization of construction, 52nd Scientific and Technical Conference, 1995 Novosibirsk. Khrulev V.M., Usypbekov E.E., Zhaysanbayev O.B.

6) "Thermal insulation blocks and plates made of wood waste and agricultural plant residues". Progressive materials and technologies for construction, International Conference, 1994, Novosibirsk. Ilchenko L.V., Zhaysanbayev O.B., Usypbekov E.E.

7) "Effective structural and thermal insulation materials from waste processing of agricultural plants." Architectural and construction science in the development of the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, International Symposium, 1994, Tashkent. Khrulev V.M., Ilchenko L.V.