Zimin Reshat

Zimin Reshat

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Associate assistant professor

Institute of Automation and Information Technologies

Department of "Higher Mathematics and Modeling"

Email: r.zimin@satbayev.111


Professional biography

2011-2013 Belgorod National Research University, assistant

2013-2014 Kazakh - British Technical University, senior lecturer

2014-2019 Kazakh - British Technical University, assistant professor

2019-nowadays Satbayev university, Associate Professor


2003-2007 Belgorod State University. Bachelor's degree in mathematics in the direction of "Mathematics", WBA 0285331

2007-2009 Belgorod State University. Belgorod, st. Student, 14. Master's degree in mathematics in the field of "Mathematics", VMA 0103186


1. A Meirmanov, R Zimin. Compactness result for periodic structures and its application to the homogenization of a diffusion-convection equation

2. A Meirmanov, R Zimin, K Shiyapov. The Muskat problem at the microscopic level for a single capillary  Boundary Value Problems 2015 (1), 1-14

3. A Meirmanov, OV Galtsev, RN Zimin. Free Boundaries in Rock Mechanics. Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

4. AM Meirmanov, OV Galtsev, RN Zimin. Displacement of oil by water in a single elastic capillary  Boundary Value Problems 2017 (1), 1-26

5. AM Meirmanov, R Zimin. Mathematical models of a diffusion-convection in porous media. Electronic Journal of Differential Equations 2012 (105), 1-16

6. R Zimin, K Shiyapov, AM Meirmanov. The Muskat problem at the microscopic level for a single capillary

7. R Zimin, AM Meirmanov. Mathematical models of a diffusion-convection in porous media