Aben Yerbolat

Aben Yerbolat

Candidate of technical sciences


K. Turysov Institute of Geology, Oil and Mining

Email: y.aben@satbayev.111

Professional biography

08.2016 Lecturer, KazNTU. K. I. Satpayeva       

09.2014-08.2015  Lecturer Kazadi them. After L. B. Goncharov

09.2013-02.2016 part-time lecturer

06.2013 reviewer of diploma projects in mining KazNTU. K. I. Satpayeva

01.2010 -10.2014  part-time researcher 2002-2004 part-time laboratory Assistant at the University

08.2011-02.2015 chief project engineer of TAU-Ken Engineering LLP»

02.2009 - 07.2014  Director of LLP "НИПИ «Казгорпроект»

01.2009-08.2011 Chief specialist "Kazakhstan Nuclear University" at NAC " Kazatomprom”

02.2008-12.2008 head of IT and security Department

08.2007-01.2008 system administrator of ”Mercury Trade " LLP”

02.2006-08.2007 leading engineer rtrk " Kazakhstan-1”

Scientific projects

Participation in scientific projects (for the last 3 years):

Development of technology for reducing the frequency of colmatation in Uranus UBL, senior researcher;

Development of technology for extracting and extracting gold from poor ore veins, senior researcher;

The intensification of the processes of denitration at UBL uranium, senior researcher


E Aben;  Zh Markenbayev;  N Khairullaev;  S Myrzakhmetov;  Kh Aben. Study of change in the leaching solution activity after treatment with a cavitator. Mining of Mineral Deposits, 2019

Е.Х. Абен , С.Т. Рустемов , Г.Б. Бахмагамбетова , Д. Ахметханов. Повышение извлечения металла на основе активации выщелачивающего раствора. MIAB. Mining Informational and Analytical Bulletin, 2019

KK Aben, KA Yussupov, Aben E Kh. Development of resource-saving technology for mining of reserves below the pit bottom. Topical issues of resource-saving technologies in mineral mining and processing. 2018.

M. Zh. Bitimbaev;  L. A. Krupnik;  E. Kh. Aben;  Kh. Kh. Aben. Adjustment of backfill composition for mineral mining under open pit bottom. Gornyi Zhurnal on February 26, 2017

Битимбаев М.Ж., Крупник Л.А., Абен Е.Х., Абен Х.Х. Подбор состава закладочной смеси при отработке подкарьерных запасов. Горный журнал 2017


Kazakh national Technical University, Institute of Automation and Control.  Automation and Informatization in control systems, system engineer, ЖБ № 0677468

Institute of mining, Candidate of technical Sciences, Geotechnology (mining), ҒК № 0005613