Akhmetkanov Dalelhan

Akhmetkanov Dalelhan

Candidate of technical sciences


K. Turysov Institute of Geology, Oil and Mining


Email: d.akhmetkanov@satbayev.111

Professional biography

Labor activity:

- 2006–2011 worked as an engineer in Tasbolat & K LLP specializing in design and blasting.

- 2010-2011 - Assistant of the department "Underground mining" of the Kazakh National Technical University. K.I.Satpaeva in combination.

- 2011 - 2014 - Lecturer, since 2014, senior lecturer of the department "Underground mining" of the Kazakh National Technical University. K.I. Satpayev.

- 2016 - 2017 - Senior lecturer of the Department of Mining, KazNTU im. K.I. Satpayev.

According to the results of the research work published more than 30 scientific papers. He has a “Single Explosive Book” for the right to conduct blasting operations (2005), a certificate for drilling and blasting independently, like an explosive in opencast mining (2009).

Scientific projects

Participation in scientific projects:

No. 747.MON GF.12.19 “Innovative technology for borehole blasting of solid minerals taking into account changes in drilling and blasting techniques and technologies in modern conditions.”, Junior Researcher;

No. 747. MON GF.12.4 “Development of innovative technology for underground mining of ores of various types from complex structurally converging steeply falling ore bodies of a layered structure of medium power, taking into account the market demand for each type of ore,” Junior Researcher.


Aben E. Kh., Rustemov S. T., Bakhmagambetova G. B., Akhmetkhanov D. Increasing metal recovery based on activation of a leaching solution.

Moscow: Mining Information and Analytical Bulletin (scientific and technical journal). No. 12/2019 S.169-179. DOI: 10.25018 / 0236-1493-2019-12-0-169-179.


In 2008 he graduated with honors from the Kazakh National Technical University. K.I. Satpayev in the specialty “190340 - Underground mining of mineral deposits”.

In 2010, he successfully defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences