Azat Seitkhan

Azat Seitkhan


Associate Professor

Deputy Director

Institute of Chemical and Biological Technologies

Institute of Chemical and Biological Technologies

Email: a.seitkhan@satbayev.111


PhD count:

Professional biography

2020 - present - Satbayev University. Deputy Director of the Institute of Chemical and Biological Technologies

2009 - present - Institute of Combustion Problems, laboratory assistant, junior researcher, researcher, senior researcher, head of laboratory, head of filter production center, "SINGO" filters with replaceable water cartridge.

2010 - 2021 - KazNU named after al-Farabi. Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor. and acting. Professor.

January, 2011 - CONCERN NURZHAS LLC, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan - translator.

2013-2014 - LTD «SPTC «Zhalyn»» - researcher.

2017-2019 - Nazarbayev Intellectual School, Almaty - Instructor of school projects.

2015-2019 – Nazarbayev University, School of Engineering (Environmental Science & Technology Group), - postdoc. research assistant.

June - October, 2017 - Republican Training and Methodological Center of Civil Protection, Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Methodist.

Scientific projects

NATO project:

1.   Valorization of biomass waste into   High efficient materials for CBRN protection. 2019-2021гг.


1. Nanostructured carbon adsorbents for hemoperfusion (Kazakhstan-UK, 2012-2014).

2. Nano- and macroporous carbon and ceramics for separation and purification (Kazakhstan-India, 2013-2015).

3. Development of modified carbon materials for the sorption of toxic gases (Kazakhstan-Belgium, 2015-2017).


1. “Search for new natural compounds in plants. Isolation, identification of components, molecular structure and their biological activity ”(F.0569), (Isolation and development of compounds with fusicoccin and study of the cytotoxic activity of the obtained fractions, 2012-2013).

2. Development of multifunctional thermal insulation, photocatalytic thin-layer coatings based on hollow microspheres and modified titanium oxide (2015).

Commercialization: 1. Development and production of new highly efficient sorbents and filters for water purification (2017-2019).


1. Mansurov Z.A., Jandosov J.M., Kerimkulova A.R., Azat S., Zhubanova A.A., Digel I.E., Savitskaya I.S., Akimbekov N.S., Kistaubaeva A.S. Nanostructured carbon materials for biomedical use., Eurasian chemico-tecnological journal. 2013, 15(3). pp.209-217. DOI:

2. Azat S., Rosa Busquets, Pavlenko V.V., Kerimkulova A.R., Raymond L.D., Whitby, Mansurov Z.A. Аpplications of activated carbon sorbents based on greek walnut. Applied Mechanics and Materials vol.467(2014) pp.49-51. 

3. Heng Zhang, Hang Chena, Seytkhan Azat, Zulkhair A. Mansurov, Xueming Liua, Jide Wang, Xintai Sua, Ronglan Wu. Super adsorption capability of rhombic dodecahedral Ca-Al layered double oxides for Congo Red removal, Journal of alloys and compounds, Journal of alloys and compound. 2018.  (IF:4.175).

4. S.Azat, A.V.Korobeinyk, K.Moustakas, V.J.Inglezakis. Sustainable production of pure silica from rice husk waste in Kazakhstan, Journal of cleaner production (IF:6.395),

5. Almagul R.Kerimkulova, Seitkhan Azat, Leticia Velasco, Zulkhair A. Mansurov, Peter Lodewyckx, Marat I.Tulepov, Makpal R.Kerimkulova, Inna Berezovskaya , Аldan Imangazy. Granular rice husk-based sorbents for sorption of vapors of organic and inorganic matters. Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy,54,3,2019,pp.578-584(IF:0.6).         

6. Askaruly, K., Azat, S., Sartova, Z., Yeleuov, M., Kerimkulova, A., & Bekseitova, K. (2020). Obtaining and characterization of amorphous silica from rice husk. Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, 55(1), 88–97. (IF: 0.6).

7. Azat, S., Sartova, Z., Bekseitova, K., & Askaruly, K. (2019). Extraction of high-purity silica from rice husk via hydrochloric acid leaching treatment. Turkish Journal of Chemistry, 43(5), 1258–1269. (IF: 1.0).

8. Azat, S., Arkhangelsky, E., Papathanasiou, T., Zorpas, A. A., Abirov, A., & Inglezakis, V. J. (2020). Synthesis of biosourced silica-Ag nanocomposites and amalgamation reaction with mercury in aqueous solutions. Comptes Rendus Chimie, 23(1), 77–92.  (IF: 2.38).

9. Zhandos Tauanov, Seitkhan Azat & Aknur Baibatyrova (2020) A mini-review on coal fly ash properties, utilization and synthesis of zeolites, International Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization, (IF: 2.18).

10. Baimenov, A.; Berillo, D.; Azat, S.; Nurgozhin, T.; Inglezakis, V. Removal of Cd2+ from Water by Use of Super-Macroporous Cryogels and Comparison to Commercial Adsorbents. Polymers 2020, 12, 2405. (IF:2.826)

11. Sultanov, F.; Daulbayev, C.; Azat, S.; Kuterbekov, K.; Bekmyrza, K.; Bakbolat, B.; Bigaj, M.; Mansurov, Z. Influence of Metal Oxide Particles on Bandgap of 1D Photocatalysts Based on SrTiO3/PAN Fibers. Nanomaterials 2020, 10, 1734. (IF: 4.324)


2004-2008 – al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Department of Chemistry. Bachelor.

2008-2010 – al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Department of Chemistry. Master.

01.11-01.12.2012 - was awarded the qualification category engineer   safety instructor, certificate №0007485

2016 – PhD in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology.

2015-2019 – Nazarbayev University, School of Engineering (Environmental Science & Technology Group), - postdoc.

2019 - Associate Professor in Chemistry.No. 0000660.

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