Baygurin Zhaksybek

Baygurin Zhaksybek

Doctor of technical sciences


Mining and Metallurgical Institute named after O.A. Baikonurov

Email: zh.baygurin@satbayev.111


PhD count:

Professional biography

Doctor of Technical Sciences “Mining and mining geology, geophysics, surveying and subsoil geometry”. He works in the field of Mining, Surveying, Mine Surveying, Geomechanics, Protection and Rational Use

of Subsurface Resources, Geoecology Readable disciplines Subsoil Geometry, General Surveying Course, Geometry and Qualimetry of Subsoil. Project Manager for Earth Shift Monitoring. He has 48 years of experience at Satbaev University and 10 years of production experience in the surveying department, the main surveyor Lisokovsk mining and processing plant.


1965-1971 mining engineer-surveyor Date of award 30. 05.1986 Candidate of Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation Date of award 01/31/2002 No. diploma FD 0002607 VAK MES RK Doctor of Technical Sciences

Scientific projects

He is the project manager: Development of a forecast system and geomonitoring methods for displacement of a rock mass in hazardous areas of the earth’s surface during the development of mineral resources based on innovative methods of GIS technology (No. 2019 / АР05133929)


1. Baıgurın J.D., Imansakıpova B.B., Kojaev J.T. The situation forecast for the extraction of ore reserves in the weakened sections of the deposit. - Sofia: Multi-authored monograph, 2018.

2. Mýhamedgalıev A.F., Kojaev J.T., Imansakıpova B.B., Baıgýrın J.D., Shakıeva G. Monıtorıng za geomehanıcheskım protsessom prı razrabotke mestorojdenııa ınterferometrıcheskım metodom.// Sbornık nauchnyh stateı po ıtogam mezhdunarodnoı nauchno-praktıcheskoı konferentsıı. Satpaevskıe chtenııa.- Almaty, – 2017.-S. 452

3.Baygurin Zh.D., Altayeva A.A., Imansakipova B.B., Spitsyn A.A. Geoinformation system of risk management for underground mining of mineral deposits. Gorny zhurnal RK, 2018.

4. Baygurin Zh.D.,Altayeva A.A., Imansakipova B.B., Kozhaev Zh.T., Spitsyn A.A. Possibilities of digital modeling for increasing the efficiency of the situational forecast in conducting mining works. Varna, Bulgaria. 2018.

5. Baygurin Zh.D., Imansakipova B.B., Kozhaev Zh.T., Sadykov B.B., Development of methods for optimizing geodesic monitoring based on zoning. UNIVERSITAS Publishing. Petrosani 2019

Potential research studies of doctoral students

1. Geodetic monitoring of stability processes and technical condition of unique buildings and structures in an earthquake-prone area

2. An automated method for assessing the volume of rock mass by grades and types when planning mining operations

3. Geodynamic observations of the state of the earth's surface on the territory of hydraulic structures located in mountainous areas

4. Development of an economic and mathematical model of an effective version of the development system and the ratio of ore extraction indicators during mining