Bibigul Botantayeva

Bibigul Botantayeva

Candidate of technical sciences

Assistant professor

Associate Professor

Institute of Architecture and civil engineering

Department of Engineering Systems and Networks

Email: b.botantayeva@satbayev.111


Professional biography

Botantayeva B.S. She began her professional career on April 1, 1990 as a technician at the design institute PK Kazgiprovodkhoz. From April 1992 to 1996, she worked there as an engineer. In 1996 she was promoted and worked as a senior engineer at PK Kazgiprovodkhoz. From 2000 - 2009 became a chief engineer at a design institute, and from 2010 to the present she has been working as a chief project engineer. She began her scientific and pedagogical activity on September 1, 2016 as an assistant professor at the Department of Engineering Systems and Networks Satbayev University.


1) 1987-1990 - Almaty irrigation and drainage college, hydraulic engineer

2) 1991-1996 - Kazakh Head Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (KazGASA), civil engineer, specialty "Water supply and sewerage"

3) 2002-2005 - Women's Pedagogical Institute, teacher of computer science and physics

4) 2004-2007 - Postgraduate study (KazGASA), defense in 2010. By special. 05.23.04 FK No. 0004518

Scientific projects

Scientific interests:

Schemes for the integrated use and protection of water resources of river basins.

He is the executor of the following research projects:

1. Expert of a special working group on the allocation of transboundary watercourses of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the PRC under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan

2. “Adjustment of the General Scheme for the Integrated Use and Protection of Water Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan” - approved by Government Decision No. 200 of April 8, 2016 (2014)

3. “Adjustment of the scheme for the integrated use and protection of water resources of the Nura river basin” - 2015

4. “Adjustment of the scheme for the integrated use and protection of water resources of the Shu river basin” – 2015

5. “Adjustment of the scheme for the integrated use and protection of water resources of the Talas basin” - 2015

6. “Adjustment of the scheme for the integrated use and protection of water resources of the Asa river basin” – 2015

7. “Conducting scenario modeling of various development options for the situation in the use and protection of transboundary rivers with China and the development of specific options for responding to them” – 2015


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Potential research studies of doctoral students

Innovative methods of industrial wastewater treatment.