Gulzat S Aitkaliyeva

Gulzat S Aitkaliyeva


Associate Professor

Geology and Oil-gas Business Institute named after K. Turyssov

Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Email: g.aitkaliyeva@satbayev.111


PhD count:

Professional biography

PhD, since 2018 has been working at Satpayev University as a lecturer and research assistant.

He is engaged in the development of new reagents of complex action based on the waste of the petrochemical industry and their use in the processes of extraction and transportation of high-viscosity oil from the fields of the Republic of Kazakhstan. And also studying the main characteristics of oil and solid oil residues.

2009 - Recipient of the Presidential Scholarship;

2011 - 2013 - The recipient of the scholarship is the company Chevron;

2012 - Holder of a scholarship from KazEnergy;

2018 - State scientific scholarship for talented young scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Scientific internships

2011. - Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technology named after Lomonosov, Moscow, RF (academic mobility program)

2014. - Russian Chemical and Technological University named after D.I. Mendeleev, Moscow, RF

2015. - University of Crete, Heraklion, Greece

Advanced training course: Course in organic chemistry Coursera (by Novosibirsk State University), Certificate UGZWC5T66GJZ ot 28.03.2021.


2006 - 2010       

KazNTU after K.I.Satbayev

Specialty 5В072100- Chemical technology of organic substances

2010 - 2012

KazNTU after K.I.Satbayev

Specialty 6М072100- Chemical technology of organic substances (master)

2012 - 2015

KazNRTU after K.I.Satbayev

Specialty 6D073900- Oil refinery (PhD)

2022-2023. - Scientific internship under the program of MCP "Bolashak", 500 students at the University of Lorraine, Nancy, France (postdoctoral studies)

Scientific projects

BR21882248 "Development and organization of production of original domestic medicinal products according to GMP standards"

AP09259187 "Development of an innovative method of using hard-to-utilize household waste in the production of ecologically safe building materials"

AP09260760 "Scientific basis of synthesis and research of elastic and mechanically strong polyampholyte hydrogels for creation of smart materials with adaptive structure"

AP05130530 "Technology development for the production of highly effective biodegradable surfactants from Kazakhstan plant raw materials and waste from their processing"

PFT program: BR05236302 "Scientific and technical justification of innovative chemical cluster in the field of creation of new materials and technologies for increasing efficiency and environmental sustainability of industrial production

Development of a complex ecologically safe technology for the utilization of industrial wastes of oil refining LLP "Atyrau oil refinery", demetallization and purification of heavy oil and oil products using hydrogen energy EAS of the new generation". Contract with TOO "Atyrau oil refinery" No. 395-18

Services for the creation of economically effective energy-accumulating substances (EAS) of a new generation for the destruction of oil sludge from PDO TOO ""Atyrau oil refinery"", demetallization and obserification of heavy oil products (fuel oil, tar), creation of coagulants and sorbents based on EAS for wastewater and drainage water treatment. Contract for the purchase of services No. 287403/2019/1


More than 40 publications, 4 patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 4 articles included in the Scopus database.

1 Yelubay M., Amitova A., Ismailova A.,Yerzhanova D., Bajkibaev A., Aitkaliyeva G. Selection of an Effective Activating Agent for Coke Production Waste // Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. -2024. -№33 (1), pp. 467-476.

2 Aitkaliyeva G., Yelubay M., Vaiciukyniene D., Ismailova A., Amitova A., Ibraimbayeva G. Mineral additives based on industrial waste for modifications of bitumen polymers // Journal of Sustainable Architecture and Civil Engineering 2023, Vol.1, No.32, pp. 196-204.

3 Gulzat Aitkaliyeva, Madeniyet Yelubay, Aiganym Ismailova, Sofiya Massakbayeva, Anar Baisariyeva Oil sludge and methods of its disposal // Polish Journal of  Environmental Studies.Vol. 31, №6, 2022 DOI:10.15244/pjoes/152226.

4 Gulzat Aitkaliyeva, Madeniyet Yelubay, Dana Yerzhanova, Aiganym Ismailova, Sofiya Massakbayeva The use of polyethylene terephthalate waste as modifiers for bitumen systems // Eastern-European  Journal  of  Enterprise  Technologies, 2022, №3/6(117). doi:

5 Massakbayeva S.R., Aitkaliyeva G., Abdrakhmanova B.R., Yelubay M.A., Azat S. Evaluation of the properties of thermodifusion zinc coating of couplings of pump-compressor pipes produced by «KSP STEEL» // News of the Academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Series of Geology and Technical Sciences. -2022. -№6 (456). 106-117.

6 Yerbolat Orazbekuly, Gulzat Aitkaliyeva, Madeniyet Yelubay New approaches to sample preparation and integrated spectroscopic methods for the identification of polioxyethylene trioleate sorbitane for pharmaceutical examination of drugs // Indonesian Journal of Pharmacy. Vol 31, №31, 2020