Istekova Sara Amanzholovna

Istekova Sara Amanzholovna

Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences


K. Turysov Institute of Geology, Oil and Mining


Email: istekovy@mail.333


Professional biography

Professor, doctor of geological and mineralogical Sciences. Scientist, teacher with more than 40 years of experience. International business coach, author of more than 30 courses for employees of the oil and gas and mining industries, consultant and expert on issues related to the use of geological and geophysical data in the study of deep structure, search and exploration of mineral deposits. Conducts research in Geology and Geophysics at the state grant financing of scientific researches of MES of RK. Participates in scientific seminars, international conferences, I and II International geophysical congresses, EAGE, Kazgeo, world geological Congress, etc. Author of more than 80 scientific papers: articles, monographs, educational and methodological manuals, including publications with non-zero impact factor. Member of the dissertation Council for the defense of scientific dissertations, member of the expert Commission of the MES RK, member of the scientific and technical Council of IG and NGD Satbayev University.geological and geoecological problems. Principles of integration of geophysical, geochemical and geoecological methods for studying the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. Basic concepts on model and rational complexes, physico-geological and ecoefficiency models. Examples of integration of ground and remote (aerogeophysical and aerospace) methods for solving geo-ecological problems (emergency oil spills, leaks from main product pipelines, flooding of territories, monitoring of pollution of industrial and civil objects, etc.).

Scientific projects

Complex geological and geophysical works in the Northern Balkhash region, the Bakanas synclinorium, and Chr. Karatau, Dzungaria, East Kazakhstan, which resulted in the generalization of geological and geophysical data and compiled summary maps of geophysical fields, geological and geophysical sections, maps of the deep structure, on the basis of which additional deep factors of localization of mineral deposits were identified. Study of the deep structure and geodynamics of Kazakhstan. Theoretical studies on the method of interpretation of geophysical data, methods of structural and tectonic zoning based on the study of the deep structure of the earth's crust using geophysical data. Detailed study of the earth's crust structures, tectonic zoning and identification of patterns of mineral distribution in the South-East of Kazakhstan, development of a scientifically based forecast theory.


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1974-Kazakh Polytechnic Institute. K. I. Satpayeva. Geophysical faculty, full-time Department. Specialty "Geophysical methods of search and exploration". Diploma Of Yu No. 352758

Doctor of geological and mineralogical Sciences, Specialty "Geophysical methods of search and exploration". The WAC cipher is 25.00.12., academic degree: doctor of geological and mineralogical Sciences. FD no. 0001251


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