Mambetaliyeva Alima Rahmatullaeva

Mambetaliyeva Alima Rahmatullaeva



Institute of Metallurgy and Industrial Engineering

Metallurgy and Mineral Processing

Email: alima_78@mail.333

Professional biography

22.09.2003 gg Methodist of the highest level of qualification without the category of the planning Department, and the organization of the educational process of the Educational and methodical Department in KazNTU.K. I. Satpayeva

01.09.2004 Assistant of the Department " metallurgy of precious metals and enrichment

21.02.2013 Teacher of the Department of metallurgy of precious metals and mineral processing in KazNTU.K. I. Satpayeva 1.06.2017 - 31.05.2020 senior lecturer of the Department "metallurgy and mineral processing" KazNTU. K. I. Satpayeva

Scientific projects

Participation in scientific projects (for the last 3 years): project within the framework of the scientific and technical program "Grant financing of scientific research for 2015-2017" "Development of technologies for complex processing of gold-arsenic containing ores and concentrates with the withdrawal and utilization of arsenic in an environmentally safe sulfide form and obtaining a commercial gold-containing product" (state registration no. 757. Mon.GF.15. REPR.Seven

      "Grant funding of scientific research for 2015-2017 ""Development of technology for extracting gold from ash and slag waste". IRN: ARO513341


Publications (including in journals with non-zero impact factor), scientific works, inventions (for the last 3 years): 16 publications

1. The copper-bearing complex ores processing technology selection and justification International Journal of Applied and Fundamental research, 2015, no. 2, pp. 57-62.

2.Complex processing of industrial products and lead-copper concentrates. Eurasian Chemical-Technological Journal 17 (2015) pages 307-314

3. ecological state of enrichment and processing of uranium-containing ores innovative solutions to traditional problems: ENGINEERING and technology " SATPAYEV readings Almaty, 2018 p. 1038

4. development and utilization of arsenic in environmentally safe sulfide form "innovative solutions to traditional problems: ENGINEERING and technology" SATPAYEV readings Almaty, 2018 p. 1044


1996-2002 2405 "mineral Enrichment" ZhB No. 0317825 engineer-technologist

2002-2003 552450 - "metallurgy" awarded the qualification and academic degree Master of Metallurgy

MTB no. 0007100

2013-2016 6D070900 - " metallurgy»


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