Ravil Muhamedyev

Ravil Muhamedyev

Doctor of technical sciences


Institute of Automation and Information Technologies

Department of Software Engineering

Email: r.mukhamediev@satbayev.111


PhD count:

Professional biography

Since 2018 - Satbayev University, Professor, DEP. PI

2017 – Director of the IITT KazNITU after named K. Satbayev, Professor, DEP. BOIL

2016 -2017 Professor of Information System Management Department of Kazakh British Technical University,

2013 - senior researcher, Institute of information and computing technologies MES

2012-2015 head of the Department will Stpoit international information technologies University (IITU), Professor

2010-2011 – head of the IT Department of the International University of information technology (IITU), Professor

2007-2010 head of the Department of Natural Sciences and information technologies of the Institute of information management systems (ISMA), associate Professor

Since 2006 – associate Professor (ISMA)

2005-2006-head of information projects Department (ISMA)

2001-2004-associate Professor (ISMA)

1996-2000-Deputy Director of computer science at the 80th Riga secondary school

1992-1995-associate Professor (Riga Aviation University)

1987-1991-Assistant (Riga Institute of civil aviation engineers)

1986-1987-engineer of the Department of operation of aviation radio-electronic equipment of Riga Institute of civil aviation engineers

1983-1986-post-graduate student (Riga Institute of civil aviation engineers)


2021 – Full professor in Informatics, Computer engineering and control (Diploma № PR 0000129, Decision of the Committee for Quality Assurance in Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, order No. 651 of August 10, 2021)

2017-Professor (Decision no. 03.03-11-2017 Committee for awarding degrees and titles in the field of Natural Sciences and Information Technology)

2013-Professor (Decision Nr. 219 of the Committee for awarding degrees and titles - Promotion Council " RTU P-07” in Information Technologies, Riga, Latvia)

2006-Associate Professor (Decision of the RTU faculty Council N 116).

1993-doctor of engineering, diploma G-D Nr. 000088 (Latvia) (05.25.05)

1992-associate Professor, diploma Nr. 003380 (Russian Academy of Sciences)

1987-Candidate of technical Sciences, the Nr diploma. 098882. Topic: "automation of management processes for the technical operation of ground-based aviation radio-electronic equipment»

1983-1986 – post-graduate student. The objects of research are the use of computer technologies in the operation of radio equipment and improving reliability, and the use of database technologies to assess the reliability of radio equipment.

In 1983, he graduated from the Riga Institute of civil aviation engineers. Faculty of aviation radio equipment. Qualification-radio engineer, diploma Nr.365663.

Scientific projects

Programming, artificial intelligence and intelligent systems (machine learning), computer training and testing, simulation of asynchronous systems.

Management of software and scientific projects;  Innovative projects using artificial intelligence technologies and algorithms.

Current projects (see https://geoml.info/):

–AP14869972, Development and adaptation of computer vision and machine learning methods for solving precision agriculture problems using unmanned aerial systems, AP14869972 (2022-2024)

–BR18574144, Development of a data mining system for monitoring dams and other engineering structures under the conditions of man-made and natural impacts (2022-2024)

- AP08856412, Development of Intelligent Data Processing and Flight Planning Models for Precision Farming Tasks Using UAVs (2020-2022), https://geoml.info/?page_id=686&lang=en

- AP09259587, Developing methods and algorithms of intelligent GIS for multi-criteria analysis of healthcare data, (2021-2023), https://geoml.info/?page_id=710&lang=en

- BR18574144, Space monitoring and GIS for quantifying soil salinity and degradation of agricultural land in southern Kazakhstan (2021-2023), https://geoml.info/?page_id=823&lang=en

- ADVANCED CENTRE FOR PHD STUDENTS AND YOUNG RESEARCHERS IN INFORMATICS (ACESYRI), 610166-EPP-1-2019-1-SK-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP, Erasmus+ ,  https://satbayev.university/en/acesyri


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Potential research studies of doctoral students

Machine Learning, Natural Language processing, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Scientometrics (bibliometrics)