Saule Soltabayeva

Saule Soltabayeva

Candidate of technical sciences

Associate Professor

Deputy Director

Mining and Metallurgical Institute named after O.A. Baikonurov

Department of Surveying and Geodesy

Email: s.soltabayeva@satbayev.111


PhD count:

Professional biography

Deputy Director of the Institute of Geology, oil and mining and associate Professor of Satbayev University, candidate of technical Sciences, corresponding member of the National Academy of Mining Sciences. Contractor program-target financing of scientific research for 2018-2020. 2018/BR05235618 "Modernization of technologies and production in the mining and mining industries of the Republic of Kazakhstan" under the project "Improvement of regulation of opened, prepared and ready for extraction of reserves in the development of mineral deposits" (for open and underground mining methods).

Qualification-mining engineer-surveyor, teacher with more than 19 years of experience.

He began his teaching and professional activity in 2000 as a teacher, senior lecturer, acting associate Professor, associate Professor of the Department of surveying and geodesy. Since November 1, 2019, he has been Deputy Director of the Institute of Geology, oil and mining at Satbayev University.


1994 - 1999 - study in the Kazakh National Technical University, specialty 1901 - Surveying with qualification of mining engineer - surveyor (diploma № ZhB 0006161 from 01.06.1999, registration №333).

1999 - 2000 postgraduate studies in the Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev on specialty 1900 - Mining with awarding academic degree of Master of Mining (diploma № MTB 0001160 of 13.10.2000, registration № 33).

In 2010, she defended her thesis on "Improving the method of surveying support for the preparation of ore reserves in the planning of opencast mining operations" under the scientific supervision of Dr. Sci, Professor J.D. Baigurin in specialty 25.00.16 - "Mining and oil and gas field geology, geophysics, surveying and subsoil geometry" with the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences (FK № 0004999 Protocol № 8 of 23.09.2010).

Scientific projects

Working at Satbayev University, Soltabayeva S. T. actively participates as a performer (senior and leading researcher) in conducting fundamental and grant research projects. Participated in the following research projects:

1. "Development of an information system for creating a geomechanical model of a subsurface use object in order to prevent man-made catastrophic events" by a senior researcher (03.02.2014 - 22.08.2014)

2. "Reducing the risk of man-made disasters by developing innovative management methods" by a leading researcher (2016-2017)

3. "Geotechnical studies of rock stability and issue of recommendations on rock pressure management during vertical and horizontal mine workings and mining of Akzhal Deposit ore bodies" by a leading researcher (2017)

4. Takes part in carrying out research work on the project "Improving the rationing of opened, prepared and ready for extraction of reserves in the development of mineral deposits" (for open and underground mining methods) by a leading researcher for 2018-2020.


1. Roman Shults, Saule Soltabayeva, Gulnur Seitkazina, Zhupargul Nukarbekova, Oksana Kucherenko. Geospatial Monitoring and Structural Mechanics Models: a Case Study of Sports Structures // 11th International Conference “Environmental Engineering” Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Lithuania, 21–22 May 2020 (eISSN 2029-7092 / eISBN 978-609-476-232-1) Section: Technologies of Geodesy and Cadastre  // Article ID: enviro.2020.685


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4. Rysbekov K. B., Kalybekov T., Soltabaeva S. T. Study of the impact of reserve readiness standards on the stabilization of ore production in open mining operations / / Vestnik Kaznitu, 2018. - No. 4. - Pp. 101-107. / download/document/7171/%D0%92%D0%95%D0%A1%D0%A2%D0%9D%D0%98%D0%9A-2018%20%E2%84%964.pdf

5. Kalybekov T., Soltobaeva S. T. Toktarov A. A. effects of mining ore excavation units on the performance of the mine. // "Mine surveying and subsurface use", 2019. - P. 58-60.

6. Kalybekov T., Rysbekov K. B., Baltabaeva S. T., Turusbekov S. V. Study the effect of averaging of ore for study of preparedness stocks in mining // Vestnik of Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Series natural Sciences, Volume 19, No. 4. - Pp. 86-92.

7. Kalybekov T., Rysbekov K. B., Soltabaeva S. T., Toktarov A. A. Study of the impact of reserve readiness standards on mine productivity during underground development of deposits / / Vestnik NAGN, 22019. - No. 3 (8). - Pp. 36-43.

Potential research studies of doctoral students

Geomonitoring of deformation processes of sports facilities based on high-precision geodetic measurements and GIS technologies

Development of a technology for creating a topographical basis for registering and evaluating the city's land